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19 Apr 2014 [12:00]
Easter Saturday winders: Marianne Strauss, Ben Strauss, Anne Strauss, Margaret Waring, Kate Hanke, Tom Hanke, Daniel Hanke, Jo Hanke, Barbara Litvine, Alexis Litvine, Laura Litvine, Samuel Litvine, Jorge Grigoleit, Rosie Lintott, Julianne Pigott, Alexandra Sault
14 Apr 2014 [22:01]
ADJUST: +300 ms/day to 39800
14 Apr 2014 [22:00]
found the computer dead due to power surge earlier in the day. Did a topup wind with Ben Moss @B_R_Moss, after seeing the amazing ISS passby.
14 Apr 2014 [14:00]
Brownout, and the computer has died. No data for a while....
13 Apr 2014 [16:08]
Hector Senior, Elishna ODonovan, Glencora Senior, Elizabeth Senior and Imre Leader all wound very deftly - and we corrected the quarters that were out of sync.
09 Apr 2014 [15:51]
winding by Alessendro Cabboi, Alice Cicirello (>2*pi) and Hilary Costello - many thanks!

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