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27 Jul 2014 [23:00]
wind, and it's very hot up there!
25 Jul 2014 [12:30]
The weather station is back online! many thanks to Rick Lupton for his help, so near to his wedding...
20 Jul 2014 [12:00]
top-up wind with newly-doctored Stephanie Hill and Simon Jones. Off to Bath.
20 Jul 2014 [11:56]
the wear patterns on the quarters strike plate are looking normal [link] . Perhaps just filing it down and greasing it is all that was needed.
17 Jul 2014 [11:00]
visit to the clock by TC computer office guys Andrew Cullen and George Townsend, with Rick Lupton showing them how the web-based monitoring system works. They also did a top-up wind.
16 Jul 2014 [11:00]
Great to have Graham Newman helping with the clock - fixing the Quarters anomaly: from time to time the quarters will skip and the quarter-past does an hour, the half-past does quarter-past etc. Why? A real mystery. [link]
12 Jul 2014 [11:00]
top-up wind with Malcolm Good. Investigating the Quarters mystery: why does the clock occasionally miss striking quarters?
11 Jul 2014 [00:33]
winding after the Geoengineering debate for Cambridge Summer School: Matt Watson (no winding) @matthew__watson, Malcolm Good, Terje Doeviken, @giovannibisutti, isobel smith, Alanna Punch, Katharina Tomaschek who used the last key!

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