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14 Apr 2014 [22:01]
ADJUST: +300 ms/day to 39800
14 Apr 2014 [22:00]
found the computer dead due to power surge earlier in the day. Did a topup wind with Ben Moss @B_R_Moss, after seeing the amazing ISS passby.
14 Apr 2014 [14:00]
Brownout, and the computer has died. No data for a while....
13 Apr 2014 [16:08]
Hector Senior, Elishna ODonovan, Glencora Senior, Elizabeth Senior and Imre Leader all wound very deftly - and we corrected the quarters that were out of sync.
09 Apr 2014 [15:51]
winding by Alessendro Cabboi, Alice Cicirello (>2*pi) and Hilary Costello - many thanks!
02 Apr 2014 [16:40]
ADJUST: -270 ms/day to 39500 and a top-up wind assisted by Rachel Greene, the new College chaplain
01 Apr 2014 [14:45]
I have hung a white sheet in the window to diffuse the sunlight that shines strongly onto the pendulum and mechanism in the afternoons. I hope this will reduce the extremes of temperature and will calm down the fluctuations in going. Also did some winding.
30 Mar 2014 [00:02]
ADJUST: -30 ms/day to 39770, clock change for summer time and winding assisted by Anne Bahnweg, Augustine Mzumara @ThisIsGus and Christopher Hicks - big decision to set the clock for the next seven months. Follow it on @clockkeeper

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