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College Calendar

This calendar lists events associated with Trinity College. Members of College are welcome to add events to it.

3rd Feb 200517:00AcademicClark Lectures 2005Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, will speak on the subject of 'Grace, Necessity and Imagination: Catholic Philosophy and the Twentieth-Century Artist.' Lecture II: 'David Jones: Material Words'. Mill Lane Lecture Rooms. Clark Lectures.

3rd Feb 200520:00FilmCineClub'Queer' Cinema: 'Tacones lejanos', Pedro Almodóvar (1991); 'J'embrasse pas', André Téchiné (1991) (Winstanley Lecture Theatre). CineClub.

2nd Feb 200521:00MusicRecorder DuetsHelen and Anne Forbes perform recorder duets from the medieval period to the Twentieth Century, including works by Telemann, Purcell and from the Book of Uppsala. Tickets £5/£3/£2 (Chapel). TCMS.

1st Feb 200517:00AcademicTrevelyan Lectures 2005Prof. Anthony Grafton (Princeton): 'The Art of History in Early Modern Europe. Lecture IV: Splendours and Miseries of the Ars historica: How to write the history of a genre'. Room G-R 06/07, Faculty of English, West Road.

1st Feb 200520:00AcademicTrinity College Science SocietySir Greg Winter, CBE, FRS, Deputy Director of the MRC's Centre for Protein Engineering and Trinity Fellow, speaks to the Society on 'The Antibody Revolution: Science, Medicine and Industry'. (Winstanley Lecture Theatre.). Further details.

31st Jan 200519:30SocietiesThe Russian Speaking SocietyProf. Orlando Figes (Birkbeck): 'Private Life in Stalin's Russia: Family stories and archives'. Gordon Cameron Lecture Theatre, Fitzwilliam College.

31st Jan 200520:00AcademicTrinity College Science SocietyDr Tim Hunt FRS, Nobel Laureate in Medicine (2001) and Head of the Cell Cycle Control Laboratory at Cancer Research UK, will speak to the Society (Title TBA).
(Winstanley Lecture Theatre). Further details.

29th Jan 2005 to 30th Jan 2005 AcademicPeri hermeneias ColloquiumMeetings will take place in the Lightfoot Room, Faculty of Divinity (Sidgwick Site). All are welcome. Further details.

29th Jan 200520:00MusicPetrucci Ensemble: Gate of HeavenEarly Renaissance vocal music from England and the Continent celebrating the Blessed Virgin Mary. Venue: Little St Mary's Church

29th Jan 200520:30FilmTrinity College Film SocietyTAXI DRIVER (Martin Scorsese, 1976) (Winstanley Lecture Theatre). TCFS.

28th Jan 200519:30SocietiesTrinity College Politics SocietyThe inaugural speaker meeting of TrinPol will be addressed by Prof. Anthony Giddens (Baron Giddens of Southgate). Lord Giddens is a former director of the L.S.E., author of The Third Way (1998) and and one of New Labour's most important intellectual inspirations. Entrance is free for members, with a nominal £1 charge for non-members. For further details contact Adam McNestrie (apm40), TrinPol secretary. (Old Combination Room.)

28th Jan 200520:00MusicRecital of English SongLaura Holmes (soprano); James Sherlock (piano); Jess Jennings (continuo 'cello) (Chapel). Tickets £5/£3/£2. TCMS.

28th Jan 200520:30FilmTrinity College Film SocietyANNIE HALL (Woody Allen, 1977) (Winstanley Lecture Theatre). TCFS.

27th Jan 200513:30MusicBagpipe RecitalTim Macdonald will play March, Strathspey and Reel sets, several lively hornpipes and jigs, mournful slow airs, and even a pìobaireachd. Trinity Hall Music Room.

27th Jan 200517:00AcademicTrevelyan Lectures 2005Prof. Anthony Grafton (Princeton): 'The Art of History in Early Modern Europe. Lecture III: Methods and Madness in the Ars historica: Three Case Studies'. Room G-R 06/07, Faculty of English, West Road.

27th Jan 200519:45MusicAn Evening of Indian Music in support of Tsunami reliefCome and listen to the soothing tones of some of Cambridge's best Indian vocalists and instrumentalists, as they join the Cambridge University Hindu Cultural Society in contributing toward the Tsunami relief efforts. Grasp the opportunity to explore the diversity of Indian music and to make a difference in the lives of those who were affected; this concert promises to start the term in an unforgettable atmosphere. Tickets: £ 3 CUHCS members, £ 4 non-members ICMS cheques to "Dhruv Haria, St. John's College" or e-mail All proceeds to the Disasters Emergency Committee Tsunami Relief Fund (Old Combination Room).

26th Jan 200520:00AcademicTrinity College Science SocietyProf. Chris McManus, Professor of Psychology and Medical Education at the department of Psychology at University College London and popular science author, discusses "The History and Geography of Human Left- and Right-Handedness" (Old Combination Room). Further details.

25th Jan 200517:00AcademicTrevelyan Lectures 2005Prof. Anthony Grafton (Princeton): 'The Art of History in Early Modern Europe. Lecture II: The origins of the Ars Historica: a question mal posée'. Room G-R 06/07, Faculty of English, West Road.

25th Jan 200520:00FilmCineClubSoirée suspense: 'Le salaire de la peur', Henri-Georges Clouzot (1953);' Les yeux sans visage', Georges Franju (1959) (Winstanley Lecture Theatre). CineClub.

24th Jan 200520:00AcademicTrinity College Science SocietyProf. Peter Littlewood FRS, head of the Cavendish Laboratory's Theory of Condensed Matter group and Trinity Fellow, speaks to the Society on "Coherent Light and Matter: Cold Atoms, Superfluids, Superconductors, and Lasers" (Winstanley Lecture Theatre). Further details.

24th Jan 200520:15SocietiesTrinity Mathematical SocietySam Webster: "Unanswered Questions in Cosmology". (Old Combination Room). Further details.

20th Jan 200517:00AcademicClark Lectures 2005The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, will give the 2005 Clark Lectures. Lady Mitchell Hall. Lecture I: 'Modernism and the Scholastic Revival'. Clark Lectures.

20th Jan 200517:00AcademicTrevelyan Lectures 2005Prof. Anthony Grafton (Princeton): 'The Art of History in Early Modern Europe. Lecture I: Historical Criticism in Early Modern Europe'. Room G-R 06/07, Faculty of English, West Road. Further details.

18th Jan 2005 AcademicFull Term Begins. Cambridge University Term Dates.

16th Jan 200519:45DramaAntony and Cleopatra 14th Jan 2005 19:45
The Dryden Society presents the 2005 Hall Show: William Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra. Tickets are FREE and you do not need to book in advance, although you may contact Alice Harper (ajlh2) if you do wish to make reservations (Hall).

Members of the College are welcome to add events relating to Trinity to this Calendar. To do so, please send an email to as soon as possible in advance of the event with the following information:

  • the date of the event;

  • the time it will take place (or 'all day');

  • the title of the event;

  • very brief details about the event (which may include a website address);

  • your name.

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