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College Calendar

This calendar lists events associated with Trinity College. Members of College are welcome to add events to it.

5th Mar 200821:00ReadingReading by JACOB POLLEYA reading by one of the country's most talented young poets. Sponsored by the Trinity College Literary Society.(Old Combination Room).

3rd Mar 200818:15AcademicJOHN PEET: Europe and the Nation StateAt the start of 2008, Kosovo is set to become the latest addition to the crop of new European states. Last year, with differences between Flemish and Walloon politicians impeding the formation of a coalition, Belgium suffered a political paralysis for 6 months. In May, the Scottish Nationalists became Scotland's largest party. Paradoxically, as European integration became ever-wider and deeper, we have witnessed the proliferation of sub-nationalist movements, breakaway republics and "identity politics". John Peet, Europe Editor and former Brussels Correspondent at The Economist, will help us to make sense of these developments and their implications. (Junior Parlour).

2nd Mar 200818:15ChapelCollege EvensongPreacher: Dr Eric Griffiths
'Richard II' and the Word (Chapel).

29th Feb 200818:15Guest SpeakerCELIA SZUSTERMAN: Mr & Mrs Kirchner: Political Regression in Argentina? Cristina de Kirchner won a landslide victory in Argentina in October 2007 after 4 years as First Lady and 10 years as a senator. Her husband Nestor Kirchner presided over recovery from deep economic crisis, which left 54% of the population below the poverty line and GDP 25% lower. At the beginning of 2002 the country had announced the largest sovereign debt default in history, turned over five Presidents in a fortnight, and suffered massive street protests and currency devaluation. Dr Szusterman will examine the rise and achievements of the Kirchners in historical context and consider where they leave Argentina. Celia Szusterman is Principal Lecturer in Spanish and Latin American studies at the University of Westminster and an Associate Fellow at Chatham House and the Institute for the Study of the Americas, University of London. She has published work on Argentine democracy and commented on the 2007 election for the Financial Times,, and the BBC.

29th Feb 200820:00ReadingReading by JEFFREY ARCHERA reading by the novelist, playwright and politician. Sponsored by the Trinity College Literary Society. (Old Combination Room).

28th Feb 200819:30SocietiesBiofuelling the FutureBiofuels present an attractive way to cut carbon emissions and move to more
sustainable fuels, by blending crops such as sugar and corn with petrol. Gordon Brown has pledged that 5% of fuel in the UK be sourced from biofuels by 2010; but with EU ministers poised to slash targets in the face of mounting environmental concerns, are biofuels really the way forwards? Or could the hidden costs actually accelerate climate change? Cambridge University Chemical Society presents a panel debate on the role of biofuels in a post-oil world.
Mike Lawton, Founder and CEO of Regenatec Ultra Low Carbon Vehicles
Dr. Andrew Boswell, BioFuelWatch, and Green Party councillor for Norwich
Darran Messem, Vice President of Fuel Development at Shell Prof. David MacKay, Professor of Natural Philosophy, University of Cambridge.

The forum is to be chaired by:
Prof. Ian Fells CBE, FRSE, Emeritus Professor of Energy Conversion at Newcastle University

(Winstanley Lecture Theatre).

27th Feb 200813:15MusicFree Lunchtime ConcertTrinity College Choir will perform the Requiem by Herbert Howells in Chapel from 1.15-1.45pm. Admission free (Chapel).

24th Feb 200818:15ChapelCollege EvensongPreacher: The Revd Alice Goodman
'Henry IV', Parts I & II, and Fat Men (Chapel).

22nd Feb 200815:45Guest SpeakerMusic in Michaelmas - Lectures in LentGeorge Dyson: "von Neumann's Universe". George Dyson is the greatest expert on ancient canoes and a prominent science historian. For the past four years, he has been working on a major book on John von Neumann, one of the giants of 20th century pure mathematics and a founder of modern computer science. In the lecture, he will present some of his findings, supported by numerous documents from the confidential archives of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton (Old Combination Room).

22nd Feb 200818:00ChapelRoman Catholic MassMass will be celebrated in Trinity College Chapel by Fr Alban, Chaplain of Fisher House.

NB Evening Prayer will not take place on this evening (Chapel).

20th Feb 200813:00StudentsLent LunchFree lunch in the Old Kitchen, followed at 13.15 by a talk on "Global Warming as the End of the World", given by the Revd Nigel Cooper, Chaplain to Anglia Ruskin University.

One of a series of Lent Lunches exploring the theme "Faith, Society and Public Policy" (Old Kitchen).

20th Feb 200818:15AcademicDR DIEGO MURO: ETA and Basque Nationalism 2007 saw dramatic developments in the struggle against radical Basque nationalism. The terrorist group ETA abandoned its ceasefire on December 30th 2006 in an attack on Barajas Airport with 200kg of explosives that left two people dead. The opposition Popular Party organised massive rallies condemning the ruling Socialists' previous policy of dialogue. After a year of foiled plots, the following December has brought two assassinations and a further two bombings. In the meantime, the Basque Nationalist Party's first minister of the Basque Country, Juan José Ibarretxe, has been arraigned before the Supreme Court after meeting with members of ETA's banned political wing Batasuna. Dr Muro will profile the phenomenon of Basque nationalism, analysing the level of support for armed movements and discussing the implications for Spanish politics in the run-up to the Spanish general election this March. Dr Muro is Lecturer in Spanish Politics at King's College London. An authority on Basque nationalism, he recently completed Ethnicity and Violence: the case of radical Basque nationalism.
(Junior Parlour).

20th Feb 200820:00UndergraduatesRice Exchange Dinner (Hall).

18th Feb 200820:00ReadingReading by ANNE STEVENSONA reading by the internationally-acclaimed poet and critic. Sponsored by the Trinity College Literary Society. (Winstanley Lecture Theatre).

18th Feb 200821:00ReadingReading by Anne StevensonThe internationally acclaimed poet Anne Stevenson will give a reading (Winstanley Lecture Theatre).

17th Feb 200818:15ChapelCollege EvensongPreacher: Dr Nicholas Adams (University of Edinburgh)
'Macbeth' and Fate (Chapel).

16th Feb 200814:30ChapelMemorial Service for Dr Denis Marrian (Chapel).

13th Feb 200821:00ChapelTheology for Non-TheologiansA group convened by Alice Goodman to provide some informal teaching and discussion of theology for interested students. Refreshments served. M6 Blue Boar Court.

10th Feb 200818:15ChapelCollege EvensongPreacher: The Revd Dr Jessica Martin
'Pericles' and Reconciliation (Chapel).

9th Feb 200819:00MusicVOCE: 'Love Calls'VOCE (Voices Of Cambridge Ensemble) are putting on a sequence of music and readings in Trinity Chapel entitled 'Love Calls'. VOCE emerged from the chapel choir in mid-1990s and has benefited from further choral scholars from Trinity joining as the years have progressed. It is directed by Jonathan Sampson (Trinity, 1992-1995) and usually gives 3-5 concerts per year to a very high standard around the country, despite the members of the group not being full-time professional singers. The text for the sequence has been written by Professor John Bowker (ex-Dean of Chapel) and his Wife, Margaret, and it focuses on human and divine love coming, as it does, only a week before St Valentine’s day. Tickets will be available on the door, at £5, £3 & £2 (Chapel).

6th Feb 200813:15MusicFree Lunchtime Recital by the Crypt Choir of The King’s School Canterbury 1.15-1.55pm. Music by Tallis, Blow, Mozart, Swayne, Pärt, Lauridsen and Whitacre. Directed by Howard Ionascu (Chapel).

6th Feb 200818:15ChapelSung Eucharist for Ash WednesdaySung Eucharist with Imposition of Ashes, with an address given by Professor Geoffrey Hill (Chapel).

6th Feb 200818:15Guest SpeakerDR ALLEN VINCATASSIN: Exiled British Islanders The population of the British Indian Ocean Territory (formerly Chagos Archipelago) was evicted in 1971 by the British Government under the Royal Prerogative, to make way for the construction of a U.S. military base on Diego Garcia. Unable to take their possessions and given meagre compensation after a long struggle, the 2,000 islanders were dumped in Mauritius. Since then, they and their descendents have fought for legal redress, including the right to return to their homeland. In May 2007, the Court of Appeal ruled that the government's obstructive tactics were unlawful and that the islanders were able to return (only) to the outer islands of the territory. Dr Allen Vincatassin will tell us about his pioneering work in the process of resettlement of his compatriots in the UK, the struggle for justice, the potentially sweeping constitutional significance of the different court cases, and the prospects for the Chagossian diaspora. Dr Vincatassin is the Leader of the Chagossian people in the UK and the Founder and Patron of the Diego Garcian Society. (Old Combination Room).

4th Feb 200820:00ReadingReading by EMILY DENING and KEARAN WILLIAMSA reading by the local poets. Sponsored by the Trinity College Literary Society. (Junior Parlour).

3rd Feb 200818:15ChapelCollege EvensongPreacher: The Revd Prof. Ben Quash (King's College, London)
'King Lear' and Recognition (Chapel).

Members of the College are welcome to add events relating to Trinity to this Calendar. To do so, please send an email to as soon as possible in advance of the event with the following information:

  • the date of the event;

  • the time it will take place (or 'all day');

  • the title of the event;

  • very brief details about the event (which may include a website address);

  • your name.

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