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College Calendar

This calendar lists events associated with Trinity College. Members of College are welcome to add events to it.

18th Nov 200710:45AcademicGraduate Arts and Humanities Symposium This one day symposium offers the opportunity to sample the breadth of research currently being undertaken by graduate students in the arts and humanities at Trinity, in addition to plenary papers from Dr John Marenbon and Dr David McKitterick.
Humanities Symposium Website
(Winstanley Lecture Theatre).

18th Nov 200718:15ChapelCollege EvensongPreacher: The Reverend Dr John Binns, Vicar of Great St Mary's, Cambridge (Chapel).

18th Nov 200720:00FilmPandaemonium (Julian Temple, 2000)Wordsworth and Coleridge: a few radical ideas, a couple of cottages ... and a whole load of opium.

(Winstanley Lecture Theatre).

13th Nov 200717:00AcademicBirkbeck Lectures - Eamon DuffyEamon Duffy, Professor of the History of Christianity in the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Magdalene College will give the fifth and last of his Birkbeck Lectures on the general subject of 'Inventing the Counter-Reformation: Religion under Mary Tudor'. Lecture 5: 'The legacy: inventing the Counter-Reformation'. Mill Lane Lecture Rooms; all welcome. Further details.

11th Nov 200711:00ChapelMattins and Act of Remembrance (Chapel).

11th Nov 200718:15ChapelSung RequiemDurufle: Requiem (Chapel) sung by the College Choir and members of the Trinity College Choir Association.

7th Nov 200721:00ChapelTheology for Non-TheologiansA group convened by Alice Goodman to provide some informal teaching and discussion of theology for interested students. Refreshments served. M6 Blue Boar Court.

6th Nov 200717:00AcademicBirkbeck Lectures - Eamon DuffyEamon Duffy, Professor of the History of Christianity in the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Magdalene College will give the fourth of his Birkbeck Lectures on the general subject of 'Inventing the Counter-Reformation: Religion under Mary Tudor'. Lecture 4: 'The Burnings'. Mill Lane Lecture Rooms; all welcome. Further details.

4th Nov 2007 AcademicArts and Humanities Graduate Symposium (2007) - deadline for Dinner registrationThis Symposium, which will take place on Sunday 18 November, is a unique opportunity for graduate students in Trinity to present their work to their peers and to other members of the College, and to meet and be inspired by other researchers in the arts and humanities. It helps build communities among those with similar interests, and is an occasion when Trinity's impressive graduate research in these areas can be brought to the attention of the College at large. All current members at Trinity are very welcome to attend the Symposium, including Undergraduates and Fellows.

The registration fee for students is Ł8, which includes a copy of the facebook, tea and coffee during the day, and the symposium dinner in the evening. The deadline for registration for those wishing to attend the dinner is Sunday 4th November. To register, please write a cheque payable to 'Trinity Arts & Humanities Graduate Symposium', address it to: Sven Meeder, Trinity Arts & Graduate Humanities Symposium, Trinity College, and place it in Sven's pigeonhole in Angel Court. Please include your college and email addresses in case we need to contact you (Winstanley Lecture Theatre). Further details.

4th Nov 200718:15ChapelCollege EvensongPreacher: The Dean of Chapel(Chapel).

4th Nov 200721:00MusicTCMS: Fresher's ConcertThe greatly anticipated Freshers' concert, in which Trinity's newest members showcase their musical talent. Held in the wonderful surroundings of the Master' Lodge, this is always an enjoyable and relaxed event. The Master's Lodge, 9.00pm, 4 November 2007. Entry is free to members of Trinity, whether members or non-members of TCMS, and no booking is required.

1st Nov 200716:30AcademicHistory and Philosophy of Science Departmental SeminarAlisha Rankin (Trinity) will speak on 'Panacea's daughters: gentlewomen healers and experiential knowledge in early modern Germany'. Seminar Room 2, HPS, Free School Lane.

A number of learned physicians in sixteenth-century Germany sang the praises of a particular type of healer: a gentlewoman who made medicinal remedies and handed them out to the sick poor (also helping ill aristocrats and patricians in the bargain). This paper examines the topos of the gentlewoman-healer, arguing that aristocratic women gained respect as medical practitioners not in spite of their gender, but because of it. Particularly, it focuses on gentlewomen’s reliance on experience and empirical observation to confirm the success of their medical remedies, categories that overlapped with a new interest in observation in learned medical spheres.

1st Nov 200716:45MusicMusic in Michaelmas - Lectures in LentBalázs Kakuk: Music from the Court of Prince Esterházy. Haydn, Tomasini, Lidl and Esterházy. With the Haydn Baryton Trio, Budapest.

Balázs Kakuk is a professor at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, and the founder and artistic leader of the Haydn Baryton Trio Budapest, comprising of Balázs Kakuk (baryton), Anna Kakuk (violin/viola), András Kaszanyitzky (cello). Professor Kakuk is perhaps the most acclaimed baryton player in the world: not only does he give many concerts, but is also on many international juries, and his masterclasses are in great demand. The baryton, popular in the 18th century, is a stringed instrument similar in size to the cello. The best known pieces for this instrument were composed by Joseph Haydn for his patron, Prince Nikolaus Esterházy the Magnificent. Professor Kakuk will talk about the musical life in the court of the Prince, and with the Haydn Baryton Trio Budapest will play some of the most beautiful pieces written for the baryton by Haydn, Tomasini, Lidl, and the Prince himself (Old Combination Room).

1st Nov 200718:15ChapelSung Eucharist for All Saints' Day (Chapel).

30th Oct 200717:00AcademicBirkbeck Lectures - Eamon DuffyEamon Duffy, Professor of the History of Christianity in the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Magdalene College will give the third of his Birkbeck Lectures on the general subject of 'Inventing the Counter-Reformation: Religion under Mary Tudor'. Lecture 3: 'Contesting the Reformation: Plain and godly treatises'. Mill Lane Lecture Rooms; all welcome. Further details.

28th Oct 200708:30ChapelCollege CommunionSaid service with sermon (Chapel).

28th Oct 200718:15ChapelCollege EvensongPreacher: The Reverend Michael Goater, Vicar of Great Shelford (Chapel).

27th Oct 200719:30MusicConcert by Trio Mediaeval: FOLK SONGSTrio Mediaeval, three Scandinavian sopranos who have soared to the top of the classical music charts in recent years, return to Trinity Chapel, where they decided to turn professional.

Their programme includes traditional Norwegian folk songs, hymns and medieval ballads, and is accompanied by Birger Mistereggen, a specialist on Norwegian percussion.

Tickets may be bought online at

"Singing doesn't get more unnervingly beautiful than the exquisite display ... by Trio Mediaeval, with its cool, unerringly precise blend of voices" - San Francisco Chronicle

"The voices of three women, each one distinct and yet all three closely melded. Nothing else. White voices, dark silence all around them. I think the group is breathtaking - arresting, vivid, calm but never peaceful, with every moment ready to bring a surprise." - The Wall Street Journal (Chapel). .

26th Oct 200719:30MusicSchola Cantorum of OxfordA selection of music inspired by Schola's recent tour to China, including works by Rautavaara, Chen Yi, Vaughan Williams and Bach. Directed by James Burton. Tickets Ł10/Ł5 available on the door (Chapel). Schola Cantorum.

25th Oct 200720:00AcademicTrinity College Science SocietyProf. David Baulcombe, Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich, will speak on 'Small silencing RNA – the dark matter of genetics'. This talk is part of the Cambridge University Biological Society series (Winstanley Lecture Theatre).

24th Oct 200716:00AcademicCambridge University United Nations AssociationProfessor Sir Brian Heap will speak on 'Consumption and Happiness' on the 62nd anniversary of the United Nations (Winstanley Lecture Theatre).

24th Oct 200720:00ReadingJOANNE LIMBURGA reading by the award-winning poet. (Free)

(Junior Parlour).

24th Oct 200720:00FilmCineclub8pm: "Goodbye Lenin" (2003) Director: Wolfgang Becker (120 mins). Starring Daniel Bruhl and Katrin Saß. The protagonist Alex lives in East Berlin and is disatisfied and unconvinced by the socialist ideals held by his contemporaries. When his mother suffers a heart attack and falls into a deep coma which lasts 8 months the wall suddenly comes down. Within weeks his world is turned upside down as Coca-Cola and other western commodities and values start flowing back into the formerly communist half of the city. And then his mother wakes up. As the shock of hearing about the fall of her beloved socialism could potentially kill her, Alex must do everything in his power to keep her finding out and therefore attempts to recreate the world of the GDR within the four walls of his mother's bedroom. A clever and amusing story which won the Cesar for Best European Film in 2004.

10pm: "Gegen die Wand" (2004) Director: Fatih Akin (120 mins). Starring Birol Ünel and Sibel Kekilli. Cahit, a German with Turkish roots, attempts to put an end to his destructive life by crashing his car into a wall. At the hospital he's taken to, he meets a girl, Sibel, another German Turk who's tried to commit suicide. She's sick and tired of her family's ultra-traditional issues, and asks Cahit to carry out a fake marriage, so that she can become a married woman and free herself from her family's pressure. They live as roommates with separate private lives for a while, but then things take a different turn, and they're no longer two indifferent roommates. But their love story won't be anywhere as simple as any other (Winstanley Lecture Theatre).

23rd Oct 200717:00AcademicBirkbeck Lectures - Eamon DuffyEamon Duffy, Professor of the History of Christianity in the University of Cambridge and Fellow of Magdalene College will give the second of his Birkbeck Lectures on the general subject of 'Inventing the Counter-Reformation: Religion under Mary Tudor'. Lecture 2: 'Cardinal Pole and the restoration of Catholicism'. Mill Lane Lecture Rooms; all are welcome, without ticket.

22nd Oct 200718:15AcademicTrinity Politics Society & Cambridge Union Society - Dr Rod PullenDr Rod Pullen: 'How do you solve a problem like Mugabe?' The Kennedy Room, Cambridge Union Society. (This event is, exceptionally, only open to members of Cambridge Union Society.) Dr Pullen has enjoyed a distinguished career at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a senior grade diplomat and Ambassador. He has extensive experience of Africa spanning over a decade, having served as the U.K.'s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, High Commissioner to Ghana, and Deputy High Commissioner in Kenya and Nigeria. In 2006 he was appointed the U.K.'s Special Representative at the Inter-Sudanese Peace Talks on Darfur, held under African Union mediation, to which the UK was a key international partner. At a time when beleaguered Zimbabwe and war-torn Darfur are the subject of growing political and media attention, Dr Pullen will offer his views of post-colonial Africa.

Members of the College are welcome to add events relating to Trinity to this Calendar. To do so, please send an email to as soon as possible in advance of the event with the following information:

  • the date of the event;

  • the time it will take place (or 'all day');

  • the title of the event;

  • very brief details about the event (which may include a website address);

  • your name.

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