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Medallists and Prize-Winners
Members of Trinity have won the following Medals and Prizes. (There is a separate page of Nobel Laureates.)

Fields Medal

Awarded every four year to two, three, or four mathematicians under the age of 40 at the congress of the International Mathematical Union. C$15,000.

1966 Michael Atiyah
1970 Alan Baker
1998 Richard Borcherds
1998 Timothy Gowers

Wolf Prize

Awarded in Agriculture, Chemistry, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics, and the Arts by the Wolf Foundation. US$100,000.

1981 Physics. Freeman Dyson
1992 Chemistry. John Pople
1994 Medicine. Michael Berridge
2010 Agriculture. David Baulcombe

Balzan Prize

Four prizes annually in the categories of humanities, social sciences and the arts, and physics, mathematics, natural sciences and medicine. CHF 1M.

1989 Martin Rees
1991 John Maynard Smith
1999 John Elliott

Guthrie Medal

Awarded annually by the Institute of Physics. 1,000.

1989 Martin Rees
2007 Gil Lonzarich

Abel Prize

Mathematics. Awarded annually by the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters. kr 6M.

2004 Michael Atiyah

Crafoord Prize

Awarded annually by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in rotation to Astronomy and Mathematics, Geosciences, Biosciences. US$500,000.

2005 Martin Rees

Copley Medal

The oldest of the Royal Society's awards, given annually. Trinity awardees listed here from 1944.

1944 G. I. Taylor
1946 Edgar Adrian
1948 Archibald Hill
1958 John Littlewood
1965 Alan Hodgkin
1973 Andrew Huxley
1984 Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
1985 Aaron Klug
1988 Michael Atiyah
1998 James Lighthill
1999 John Maynard Smith
2002 John Pople

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