Medallists and Prize-Winners

Members of Trinity have won the following Medals and Prizes. (There is a separate page of Nobel Laureates.) 

Fields Medal

Awarded every four year to two, three, or four mathematicians under the age of 40 at the congress of the International Mathematical Union. C$15,000. 

  • 1966 Michael Atiyah 
  • 1970 Alan Baker 
  • 1998 Richard Borcherds 
  • 1998 Timothy Gowers 

Wolf Prize

Awarded in Agriculture, Chemistry, Mathematics, Medicine, Physics, and the Arts by the Wolf Foundation. US$100,000. 

  • 1981 Physics. Freeman Dyson 
  • 1992 Chemistry. John Pople 
  • 1994 Medicine. Michael Berridge 
  • 2010 Agriculture. David Baulcombe 

Balzan Prize

Four prizes annually in the categories of humanities, social sciences and the arts, and physics, mathematics, natural sciences and medicine. CHF 1M. 

  • 1989 Martin Rees 
  • 1991 John Maynard Smith 
  • 1999 John Elliott 

Guthrie Medal

Awarded annually by the Institute of Physics. £1,000. 

  • 1989 Martin Rees 
  • 2007 Gil Lonzarich 

Abel Prize

Mathematics. Awarded annually by the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters. kr 6M. 

  • 2004 Michael Atiyah 

Crafoord Prize

Awarded annually by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in rotation to Astronomy and Mathematics, Geosciences, Biosciences. US$500,000. 

  • 2005 Martin Rees 

Copley Medal

The oldest of the Royal Society's awards, given annually. Trinity awardees listed here from 1944. 

  • 1944 G. I. Taylor 
  • 1946 Edgar Adrian 
  • 1948 Archibald Hill 
  • 1958 John Littlewood 
  • 1965 Alan Hodgkin 
  • 1973 Andrew Huxley 
  • 1984 Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar 
  • 1985 Aaron Klug 
  • 1988 Michael Atiyah 
  • 1998 James Lighthill 
  • 1999 John Maynard Smith 
  • 2002 John Pople 

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