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Trinity College, Cambridge

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International Society for Intellectual History

‘Quarrels, Polemics and Controversies’

Third Annual I.S.I.H. Conference

Trinity College, Cambridge, U.K.
26-29 July 2001


Getting to Trinity from the Bus Stop.

Buses to Cambridge stop either on Emmanuel Street or at the neighbouring Drummer Street Bus Station. To get to Trinity, walk down St Andrew's St, passing Woolworths on the right (300 yards). Keep straight on, leaving Waterstone's bookshop also to your right until you get to the junction with Green Street (200 more yards). Turn left down Green Street, leaving Sainsbury's supermarket to your right. At the bottom of Green St, turn right onto Trinity Street. Trinity Great Gate is on your left (50 yards).

Getting to Trinity from the Train Station

The train station in Cambridge is about two miles outside the centre of town. There are three ways of getting to Trinity from it.

Taxi. The simplest way from the train station to Trinity College is by taxi. The taxi rank is located on your right just as you exit the train station. The city centre is closed to traffic between 10am and 4pm. If you arrive within these times, therefore, you should take the taxi to the back of Trinity College: ask to be taken to "Trinity College, New Court." Outside these times, ask to be taken to "Trinity College, Great Gate." Cost: about £5.50, including the customary 10% tip.

If the taxi drops you in New Court, you should make your way to Great Gate for registration. Walk east through the large archway opposite the one the taxi came through. Continue walking towards Nevile's Gate, leaving Bishop's Hostel to your right, and take the first left turning through a covered passageway. This opens into Great Court; the Great Gate is diagonally opposite the court to your left. Only fellows of the College and guests in their company may walk on the grass.

Bus. You can also get to the town centre from the train station by bus. Between 8am and 6pm a dedicated bus runs every ten minutes between the station and town. Cost: 85p. You will get out at the junction of Regent's Street and Emmanuel Street. To get to Trinity, follow the instructions above regarding buses.

By foot. If you have light luggage it is also perfectly possible to walk from the Train Station to Trinity. Walk down Station Road until it meets Hills Road. Turn right down Hills Road walk straight down it for half a kilometre until you reach a largish junction with a large church on the left hand side. Carry straight on over this junction down Regent Street, which becomes St Andrew's Street. From here follow the bus stop instructions above. The walk will take you between 25 and 40 minutes.

Once at Trinity College

The main entrance to Trinity College is called Great Gate, and it is this that you should ask for if you find yourself in need of directions within the College. The Conference Office is just inside Great Gate on the left hand side, in a room called the Old College Office. You should go there first.

The door on the right hand side of the Great Gate leads to the Porter's Lodge. If there is no one in the Old College Office go in there, and tell one of the porters you are here for the Quarrels Conference. They will then assist you. Regrettably, despite their title (which is derived not from portare but rather from porta), it is not part of a Cambridge porter's job to carry your bags.