Fellows’ Birthday Speeches

This page contains the text of speeches given by Trinity fellows on the occasion of significant birthdays.

DateNameBirthdayLink to Speech
12th November 2006Eric Handley80thBirthday Speech
15th July 2007Paley Johnson90thBirthday Speech
22nd November 2007Andrew Huxley90thBirthday Speech
3rd June 2008Ian Glynn80thBirthday Speech
13th July 2008Eli Lauterpacht80thBirthday Speech
22nd April 2009Michael Atiyah80thBirthday Speech
5th September 2009Patrick Collinson80thBirthday Speech
20th September 2009Brian Mitchell80thBirthday Speech
28th February 2010Ron Ferrari80thBirthday Speech
10th November 2010Gareth Jones80thBirthday Speech
3rd June 2017Phillip Allott80thBirthday Speech
22rd October 2017John Lonsdale80thBirthday Speech
8th February 2020Brian Josephson80thBirthday Speech