Access and Outreach Partnerships

We partner with other organisations in the third sector to support our aims and objectives. Our partnerships are a collaboration where we work together to achieve our joint aims.

A collaborative approach towards a common goal benefits so many pupils, hence we work with various charities and organisations as part of our access endeavours. We’ve supported some fantastic and inspiring access and outreach work from various organisations by providing venues, resources, academic sessions, advice and/or financial support for their programmes. In 2020 we are supporting (click the links to find out about these amazing organisations!):
The Brilliant Club
The Brilliant Club works with schools and universities across the UK. The charity exists to increase the number of pupils from underrepresented backgrounds progressing to highly-selective universities. They do this by mobilising the PhD community to share its expertise in state schools.
The Brilliant Club visit Trinity College for various events including launches and graduations for their Scholars programmes. Pupils come from various parts of the UK and participate in Q&As about university life, are given tours of Trinity and have lunch in the College. Discussions are also underway for a comprehensive new programme, in partnership between The Brilliant Club and Trinity College, to support and develop alumni of the Scholar’s Programme.
IntoUniversity provides local learning centres to encourage young people to achieve. At each local centre IntoUniversity offers an innovative programme that supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to attain either a university place or another chosen aspiration. Trinity is proud to support the IntoUniversity Walworth centre in Southwark in south London.

Maths Inspiration is a national programme of interactive maths lecture shows for teenagers. They give 14-17 year olds a chance to experience the UK’s most inspiring maths speakers presenting mathematics live in the context of exciting, real-world applications. Trinity’s support has enabled Maths Inspiration to pay for priority schools to view their shows for free and to make all teacher and teacher-trainee seats free.


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Parent Power is a project that recognises how important parents are to their children’s success in the education system. It recruits and trains parents to become experts in university access, help their children through the higher education process, and campaign on issues of educational equality within their communities.

Parent Power was initially designed by King’s College London’s widening participation team, using community organising techniques in partnership with the charity Citizens UK, to help harness the power of parents to inspire young people from underrepresented groups to pursue higher education in South London. Trinity College, in collaboration with the Greater Manchester Uni Connect Partnership and Opportunity Area, are now working to support the development of Parent Power in Oldham.


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Seren supports the most academically able Welsh students and helps them gain entry to leading universities in Wales, the UK and overseas. In collaboration between Churchill, Magdalen and Trinity, our Seren events in South Wales and Powys help state-educated students find out about going to university, the application process, and being a strong candidate. More information can be found here.


Target Oxbridge

Target Oxbridge is a free programme that aims to help black African and Caribbean students and students of mixed race with black African and Caribbean heritage increase their chances of getting into the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge (known collectively as Oxbridge). Since launching in 2012, Target Oxbridge has helped 140 students to secure Oxbridge offers. Trinity College is proud to provide lectures, guidance, residentials and resource support for Target Oxbridge events.



Villiers Park Educational Trust is a national social mobility charity. They deliver unique programmes for high ability students aged 14-19 from less advantaged backgrounds. Their programmes empower young people to succeed and overcome barriers to success. They help raise academic achievement by developing personal and employability skills. We have, through generous financial support from one of our alumni donors, been able to fund and support their Swindon Scholars Programme.

NRICH Website Review
The NRICH Project aims to enrich the mathematical experiences of all learners. To support this aim, members of the NRICH team work in a wide range of capacities, including providing professional development for teachers wishing to embed rich mathematical tasks into everyday classroom practice. NRICH provides thousands of free online mathematics resources for ages 3 to 18, covering all stages of early years, primary and secondary school education – completely free and available to all.
Trinity supports the Teacher Inspiration Programme (a national CPD programme for teachers) and Stimulus (undergraduates go into schools in and around Cambridge). In addition we support Felixstowe School’s Mathematics Transition Project, a partnership between Felixstowe Academy, Felixstowe Primary Schools, NRICH and Trinity College.
World Class Schools Quality Mark

World Class Schools Quality Mark (WCSQM) awards a quality mark to non-selective state schools that offer the best education to young people in the UK. Unlike other national assessment bodies, they assess the student and not the school, against a framework of skills and competencies young people need to flourish in an emerging global economy. Through unique real-life work experiences, access to a lifelong peer support network and cultural opportunities that take them beyond their local community, they give world class students the confidence to overcome socio-economic barriers to recognise and achieve their potential. Previously, Cambridge University hosted the WCSQM Awards Ceremony which featured a session on life at Cambridge University led by Dr Glen Rangwala, Director of Admissions at Trinity College.

For 2020/21, in partnership between WCSQM and Trinity, we are launching the ‘Subject Passion as a Teaching Tool’ online programme which aims to work with teachers to frame the A Level curriculum content in the context of studying a subject at university. It aims to offer a time-effective and accessible means of sparking a passion and interest in a teacher’s subject area to effectively teach students how what they are learning in school is applied at university.