Access and Outreach at Trinity

Trinity College is committed to outreach and ensuring that the most capable students, regardless of their school, geographical location or socioeconomic status, are able and encouraged to make competitive applications to the university. Our outreach team works with Primary, Secondary, Sixth Form schools & colleges and external organisations to develop and deliver a range of activities and events for under-represented groups who could benefit from higher education with the aim of developing skills and knowledge to support progression. We want to ensure that students aren’t discouraged from applying to Cambridge because of their background and we want to break down misconceptions that might put them off applying.

These activities also promote the idea that the University of Cambridge is for prospective applicants who:

  • love their subject, and want a truly engaging university experience
  • wish to combine learning with a whole host of extracurricular activities, events and traditions
  • want to be supported to achieve their potential
  • understand that any individual can fit in, with a society and college to fit every type of person
  • appreciate that whilst the workload can be intimidating, most students are passionate about the subject, and the tutorial system gives students the chance to truly engage and succeed with their topics

To find out more about what we offer and to get in touch, please visit the pages below.

In line with the University of Cambridge’s commitment to widening participation, we want to increase the number of students coming from less advantaged and underrepresented backgrounds. You can find more information on the Eligibility Criteria page.

For detailed information about applying to Trinity, please visit the ‘Undergraduate’ section within the ‘Applying’ tab on the website, which contains information on Open Days, entry requirements, individual subject pages, interview arrangements and essay competitions.