This page offers an outline of the standard presentations and activities which the Schools Liaison Assistant runs for schools and colleges. If you are considering a visit to Trinity, or inviting us to visit your school, please have a look at the options and let us know which would be most useful and relevant for your students.

Various short sessions are usually ‘bolted together’ to make up a longer presentation that fits into your school timetable, but we are always happy to adapt these activities or come up with new ones to suit you, so please get in touch if you have something more unusual in mind.

  • University Mythbusting15 minutes – a short session, suitable for students in Years 9-12 who are not sure about whether university is for them. It covers some of the myths that put people off university, including finance and the idea that they won’t fit in.
  • Introduction to University25 minutes – designed for students in Years 10-12 who have not yet given much thought to university life, this session introduces campus, city and collegiate universities, looks at the huge range of courses available and gives a brief introduction to student life and how to start making decisions about HE.
  • A-level Choices10 minutes – an introduction to the Russell Group’s guidance on choosing A-levels (or IB) for selective universities, suitable for Year 10-11.
  • Introduction to Oxbridge30 minutes – often combined with the Introduction to University, for Year 10-12 students who have the potential to consider top universities like Cambridge and Oxford. An explanation of the College system, some of the more unusual courses offered, the supervision/tutorial teaching style, student life and an outline of the exceptional facilities and financial support available.
  • Oxbridge Applications 30 minutes – an introduction for Year 12s to the application process, with particular attention to the early UCAS deadline, the importance of AS module marks for Cambridge, the SAQ and Extenuating Circumstances forms at Cambridge, personal statements, written work and pre-interview tests, and interviews.
  • Introduction to Personal Statements10 minutes – an introduction to personal statements with suggestions of how Year 12s can stretch themselves by going beyond the school syllabus and exploring subjects in more depth.
  • Personal Statements in depth30 minutes – a more detailed look at writing a personal statement, with examples from various subjects and suggestions for super-curricular reading and exploration. Suitable for Year 12s in the Spring and Summer terms, or Year 13s in the Autumn term.
  • Interviews25 minutes – an introduction to the logistics of interviews at Cambridge and Oxford for Year 12 students. Often combined with a session on Personal Statements.