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  • Some courses require applicants to take a pre-interview admissions assessment - if you did please answer this question. What was your experience of the pre-interview admissions assessments? Did your school provide with you with information about registering and sitting the test? Did you have to pay a fee to sit the test?
  • At what point did you decide to apply to Trinity College? What made you choose this college?Some Trinity students chose their college very early, while others only decide a few days before submitting their UCAS application - there is no right or wrong answer!
  • How did you use the Trinity College website before and during your application? Which sections of the website did you find the most helpful? What else could we include on the website to make it more useful to potential and current applicants?
  • How much application support did you receive? Did your school advise you on college choice, and support your eventual choice of Trinity? Did you receive different advice from different teachers? What was their role in school?
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