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Thinking about University?

If you’re passionate about a subject, want to work in a specific field, or have dreams of changing the world, then we might be the right choice for you. Consistently one of the top five universities world, Cambridge University has welcomed and nurtured students for hundreds of years. Now, more than ever we need a diverse mix of students who can help shape the future – and we’re here to support you.

How to Apply

Applying to University can seem like a daunting task, but there are lots of resources available to help you with your application. From our website to our one-to-one mentor programmes, we’re here to make sure that the application process is as straight forward as possible.

Getting into Cambridge

So, you’ve heard the rumours: Cambridge is impossible to get into, that there are admissions test that only a genius can pass? Well, that’s just not true! We’re interested in potential and what makes you different. Yes, we expect that students will be bright and able, but there’s more to it than exam results.

You might also have heard that Trinity is harder to get into than other colleges, or that its students work much harder. Trinity is one of the largest colleges, and our students, as do the students at every College across the university, work hard. But our criteria for admission are the same as other Colleges, and we don’t make our application or admissions process harder or different to our counterparts across the University.  Regardless of the college you go to, you learn the same content and take the same exams after receiving the same teaching, as your learning is coordinated by the university wide faculties. All Cambridge students work hard, but they do so because they love their subjects. All Cambridge students also have time to pursue extracurriculars, and socialize, and even spend days binge-watching their favourite shows on Netflix, and Trinity students are no exception to this.

Find out how you can improve your chances of getting in.


I think for me the best part of the residential was getting to know other people who were applying because it reassured me that if I went to Cambridge I would fit in. The lectures were also so interesting and really made me realise that I would love to study at University.”

Sarah, Plymouth, Women in STEM 2019

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