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Why Trinity?

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Welcome to Trinity College – one of the largest Colleges of the University of Cambridge. Come and find out what makes us unique, meet some of our students, see all our facilities and find out what student life here is life is like.

Click on the video to take a quick tour with our Outreach team, Jon and Lizzie.


600 Undergrads

Trinity is one of the largest colleges with around 600 undergraduates – with an intake of 200 students  per year.

3 Sites

We have three sites – the main college site, Whewell’s Court, and Burrell’s Field – all right in the heart of Cambridge City Centre.

Guaranteed Rooms

We have hundreds of student rooms and accommodation is guaranteed throughout your degree. 

Trinity College Cambridge Map


You can see from the map, Trinity College includes lots of buildings spread out over a large area of Cambridge. From the Gatehouse on Trinity Street in the heart of the City, stretch right down to the River Cam, where you can enjoy our own College punts.

A Student Perspective

Meet some of students below and get their honest, informal opinion on living and studying here at Trinity. Take of tour of the accommodation where you’ll be living and gain some top tips for how to handle the workload.

Myth Buster

“I heard Trinity is much harder to get into than the other colleges.” 

MYTH! No college is easier/harder to get into, and all applications are balanced out by the pool system

“Isn’t Trinity much more intense than other colleges? Everyone works all the time!”

MYTH! The workload is the same regardless of which college you attend. Trinity students – like all Cambridge students – work hard, but they also have a lot of fun! 

In your free time

Trinity is a huge college with loads of people to meet and things to do! 

Here are just *SOME* of the things you can get involved with: ​​

  • Student politics/activism
  • Sport (just about any sport you can imagine)
  • Hanging out with friends in the bar/around college 
  • Watching TV in the JCR (very popular during football/Love Island season)​​
  • Student societies (personal favourites include the Assassins Society and the Chocolate Society)
  • Cultural societies like the ACS, PakSoc, Fly., and many many more
  • Student journalism 
  • Watching Netflix in your room with friends (Sainsbury’s is very close by for movie snacks) 

The best thing about trinity is...

The Best Thing About Trinity Is The Support We Get In Our Subjects And The Expert Teaching We Get. You Make Friends Who Are So Passionate About Their Subjects.
The Best Thing About Trinity Is Its International Diversity, The Fact That You Can Meet People From All Over The World And That’s Celebrated
The Best Thing About Trinity Is That Everyone You Meet Is Always Really Welcoming, And Always Willing To Lend A Hand.

Chat to a student

We have a fantastic group of Student Ambassadors who are happy to answer any questions you might have about University and Trinity College or even what the food is like in the Dining Hall. Join in the conversion!

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