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Subject Passion as a Teaching Tool


In partnership between World Class Schools Quality Mark (WCSQM) and Trinity, this programme aims to work with teachers to frame the A Level curriculum content in the context of studying the subject at university.

All teachers should have regular, high-quality continuing professional development (CPD) throughout their career so that they can improve student learning. This programme aims to offer a time-effective and accessible means of sparking a passion and interest in a teacher’s subject area to effectively teach students how what they are learning in school is applied at university.

Subject Passion as a Teaching Tool

What our teachers say...

“Superbly engaging and inspiring talk. Many thanks for taking the effort and providing such an expert to address us.”

About the Programme

Making links with a university subject department can have enormous benefits for teachers and for their students. The programme offers up-to-date, useful information to support teachers in advising their post-16 students through their journey to higher education. Effective learning starts with learner relevance, and every subject can prove valuable once a student sees a connection between the content and their life.

Trinity academics will lead an online teacher CPD session focusing on passion for their subject. The sessions will last approximately 30 mins and the renowned academics could be presenting an interesting area of research/study, discussing content taught at undergraduate level, subject links to A Level content (or lack thereof), interesting hints and tips to encourage passion in the subject area.

Sessions Coming Up


When: Monday May 17th  2021 3.30pm – 4.15pm (live – virtual)

This talk is led by Dr Richard Serjeantson, Fellow and Lecturer in History at Trinity College Cambridge.

Passionate about: British and broader European history between the Renaissance and the Enlightenment

He is interested in the history of the natural and human sciences in Europe, and in their conceptual foundations, between the eras of Reformation and Enlightenment, and will be telling us more about his research and how it can be used to enrich and add depth to curriculum teaching.

This talk will consider the emergence in early modern Europe of ideas about the political, social, scientific, and religious perfection of society. For History teachers looking for innovative approaches to source based questions, this will offer some really useful perspectives, as the talk will centre around a primary source: Thomas More’s Utopia, published just before the beginning of the Protestant Reformation in 1516. Dr Serjeantson will detail the ways in which this text sparked a historical domino effect, leading to some of the most democratic and egalitarian ideas of their age. The talk will also briefly consider some of the directions in which these ideas went, including into the founding of actual utopian societies on St George’s Hill (Surrey) and in New Spain (modern Mexico).

This incredible talk will be complemented by insightful contributions from Laura Covington,  a history teacher and Head of Humanities at Harris Academy Battersea. She is excited about the session’s subject because it is an opportunity to return to the fundamentals of historical practice by starting with the source itself. This is a skill that can often be overlooked and undertaught at school. I am developing a resource which will enable students at A Level to consider the paramount importance of source analysis as being at the heart of historical endeavour, as well as encouraging them to consider lesser-known Early Modern topics as potential coursework questions.

Previous Sessions

Pilot sessions will run in Michaelmas term in Maths and other interested subject areas on a weekday 3:30-4:00pm. Details and dates of upcoming events can be found via the links below:

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