Humanities Residential

Humanities Residential 2019

Residential Dates: 1st – 3rd April 2020

Applications for this event are now open. Please note that this form allows you to sign up for events run by several different colleges at Cambridge. You can tick all that interest you – you need only complete this form once, and it will be your application for all the events that you have ticked ‘yes’ to. Please read the first page of the form carefully, and make sure to check the eligibility requirements of each event that you are interested in.

You can complete the application form here. The deadline to apply for the Humanities Residential is midday on the 7th February 2020. Late applications will not be accepted.

Questions not answered on this page? Email the Schools Liaison Officers Ellie and Lizzie:

What’s involved?

This residential will cover a range of arts and humanities courses, including:

  • English
  • History
  • Geography
  • Languages
  • Human, Social and Political Sciences (politics and international relations, sociology, social anthropology)
  • Law
  • Philosophy and Theology

During this residential you will attend lectures and classes taught by Cambridge academics, getting a taste of the wide variety of subjects on offer at university, as well as opportunities to explore the city and to take part in a range of social activities. You will also get the chance to meet current fellows and undergraduates, and gain a fantastic insight into what it’s like to live and study at Trinity. There will also be sessions on choosing a course, applications and student life.

Eat in the dining hall

In previous years, academic sessions have included:

  • Why Read the Literature of the Past?
  • Politics in a Divided World
  • Why Doesn’t the Earth Fall? An Introduction to Ancient Philosophy
  • Religious Violence in the Age of the Reformation

Students attend sessions across a range of subjects due to the interdisciplinary nature of the humanities – so not just a single subject of interest!

The residential is in its 9th year, and many of the students who attend go on to study these subjects at top universities, including Cambridge. The residential is free, including all accommodation and food costs, and there are funds available to cover travel expenses to and from Cambridge for those who need it.



Eligibility and Selection

You must be:

  • Attending a UK state (non-fee-paying) school
  • In Year 12 (England and Wales; S5 Scotland, Year 13 Northern Ireland) and aged 16 or over by the 1st April 2020

There is a maximum of 50 spaces for this residential. We anticipate being over-subscribed, and so will unfortunately be unable to offer a space to every applicant.

How will we select between applicants?

Applicants will be assessed based on (in no particular order or weighting):

  • Academic record (which will be assessed in the context of your school)
  • Commitment to exploring their subject at a higher level
  • Teacher reference

We particularly encourage and will prioritise applications from students who meet any of the below criteria:

  • Will be the first in your family to go to university (i.e. your parents/carers did not attend university; excludes siblings)
  • Attend a school which sends few students to Cambridge or Oxford
  • Have spent any time in care
  • Are or have been eligible for free school meals, or the 16-19 bursary
  • Are from an underrepresented region of the UK, particularly the North East, North West, or South West of England, or anywhere in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Are a refugee
  • Has significant caring responsibilities (e.g. for a parent/carer or siblings that affects you ability/time to study)
  • Live in an area identified as having lower socio-economic advantage or low progression rates to higher education
  • Are from an underrepresented ethnic group

There are no subject requirements for this residential. However, applicants should check that they are taking the necessary A-Level subjects for the course they wish to study at university, which can be found on the individual course pages for each university (and college, if considering Cambridge).

If selected to attend, you will be sent a confirmation form and a code of conduct, which must be signed by a parent or guardian, and returned by post or scanned via email to Trinity College. This is to confirm that you have permission to attend the residential. 

  • Receiving teaching from College academics and fellows


“I really enjoyed the lectures, more specifically, the Philosophy and Politics lectures. The lecturers really engaged with us and were very enthusiastic about their subjects which made me love it too!” – Ursha, Humanities Residential 2019

“My view of the University as a whole changed by being able to meet and talk to the students; hearing their own personal experiences candidly was one of the most beneficial aspects of the entire residential. It has made it, applying to and going to Cambridge, seem like something that is more realistic and tangible by allowing me to have an idea of what the process is like by those who been through it themselves and their opinions on it..” – Anonymous, Humanities Residential 2019

“I enjoyed all the lectures because it gave me experience of subjects that I had not previously considered e.g. Theology. My favourites were English, as I found it most engaging, and Philosophy as the lecturer was immensely passionate.” – Katie, Humanities Residential 2018

“The student helpers made the experience more enjoyable due to their willingness to help and answer questions at any point. They were so friendly and genuinely tried to make the humanities residential as rewarding as possible for everyone who attended. Thank you!” – Noor, Humanities Residential 2019

“Can I say all of it [was my favourite]!? If I must narrow it down, I’d say any time where it was very relaxed and we had the opportunity to have genuine conversations with helpers and each other e.g. Meal times & trip to the museum” – Annissa, Humanities Residential 2019