Stonehouse Year 11 Residential

Residential Dates: Monday 6th to Thursday 9th July 2020

This event is for small groups of students in Year 11 and an accompanying teacher from their school. Please read this page carefully before making an application.

Applications are now closed. We will be in touch shortly with those schools who have completed the first stage of the application. 

Questions not answered on this page? Email the Schools Liaison Officers Ellie and Lizzie:


  • Stage One: 1st November to 20th December 2019 – teachers register their school
  • Stage Two: 10th January – 14th February – students complete forms
  • 3rd April – schools/teachers will receive decisions on applications by this date


All attendees will stay in Trinity College accommodation, attend classes taught by University of Cambridge academics, and get the chance to visit the city’s fantastic museums and academic departments.

Students will work on a group project as part of the residential, specifically designed to develop key skills and build academic confidence going forward into sixth form study, for which they will be mentored and guided by a current Trinity student. The project will take the form of a question similar in style to that of university study, around a particular subject area; we will endeavour to match students as closely as possible to their areas of interest and to mix students such that they work with others from the other attending schools. Work on the project will culminate in a presentation ceremony at the end of the event.

Teachers attending this event will benefit from a programme that allows participation alongside the students, as well as sessions designed especially for teachers, including information and opportunity to ask questions about the Cambridge application process, student subject choice guidance, and exploring resources. There will be periods of free time in order to complete any marking or other work required. Teachers attend this event with the aim of being able to create a longer term impact upon the school, through becoming well-informed in the above areas and relaying this information to their students, colleagues and wider community.

The residential is entirely free, including accommodation and all food, and we will also provide funds to cover the costs of travel to and from Cambridge for all students and the selected teacher.


The Stonehouse Residential is open to UK state-maintained (non-fee paying) schools. Schools selected to attend will be required to send a teacher for the duration of the event, who will accompany the selected students from their school to and from the event and participate in the sessions organised.

Students must be in Year 11 (England/Wales; Year 12 Northern Ireland; S4 Scotland), studying for GCSEs or equivalent qualifications, and should be intending to study A-Level or equivalent qualifications.


There are places for approximately 7 schools on this event, each bringing a maximum of 6 students plus a teacher. We anticipate being heavily over-subscribed, and so will unfortunately be unable to offer a space to all those who make an application.

There are 3 stages to the process:

  • Stage One: Teachers must make an application on behalf of their school. Only one application per school is required. The teacher completing the form does not need to be the teacher intending to attend in July, but should act as the point of contact on behalf of the school. The form will ask for contact details, information about the school, and will require a short statement on how attending will be of benefit to the school and wider community. There is also a section in which to provide any relevant contextual information about the school. Applications open on 1st November, and close on 20th December 2019.
  • Stage Two: All schools that have completed an initial application will be sent a link for the Student Form. Schools will send this link to those students it would like to be considered for places on the residential. It is at the school’s discretion as to whether this link is sent to particular students, or opened up to a wider group. Though schools – if selected to attend – will be limited to bringing 6 students, we welcome applications from as many students as they wish to nominate. In the case that there are greater than 6 applications received from a school, we will liaise with the school to determine which of the students should be selected. The Student Form will open on 10th January and close on 14th February 2020.
  • Stage Three: After applications have closed in February, we will begin the assessment process. Schools will be informed as to whether they have been successful no later than Friday 3rd April 2020. It will be the responsibility of the school to inform their nominated students of the outcome of the application.

You can find more information on how we will assess applications below.

“It was very different to things we do at school and made us think outside the box. The project enhanced our research abilities and the way I think in terms of gathering information and applying it to a certain topic/question. It has also made me more motivated to strive for my passion to English and learning more about the world of education and its power.” – Rahma, Walthamstow Academy



“It was great to go through the Cambridge process and clarify a few areas – the opportunity to discuss as we went through was great, and getting to discuss with other schools too. The Schools Liaison Officers were excellent and informative!” – Mr Tailford, Brixham College



Applications will be considered holistically. We will look at the information provided about the school itself, and the individual information from the nominated students; no piece of information will be looked at in isolation, nor will any particular kind of information have greater weighting than another.

We will consider, in relation to the school and/or individual student:

  • Student academic record (assessed in the context of educational and personal circumstances where appropriate)
  • Opportunity to engage with the University of Cambridge and prior participation in access and outreach events
  • Teacher’s reference

There are no subject or specific/minimum grades required of students.

We particularly welcome and will prioritise applications from those who meet any of the following criteria*:

  • Will be the first in family to attend university (i.e. parents/carers did not attend university; excludes siblings)
  • Eligible for free school meals
  • Has ever been in Local Authority Care
  • Schools that send few students to Oxford or Cambridge (where applicable)
  • Live in an area identified as being less socioeconomically advantaged
  • Live in an area with low levels of progression to higher education
  • From an underrepresented geographic area – particularly Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the North West, North East and South West of England
  • From an underrepresented ethnic group

*Students do not need to fulfil these criteria in order to make an application, but those who do will be given greater priority as part of the College’s commitment to widening participation. We also ask schools to consider prioritising students from disadvantaged backgrounds within their group of nominated students.

If selected to attend, students will be sent a confirmation form and a code of conduct, which must be signed by a parent or guardian and teacher, and returned by post to Trinity College. This is to confirm that they have permission to attend the residential.The attending teacher will also be required to sign a code of conduct.


“I feel as though I learned a lot throughout this experience and gained independence and confidence. I only wish it was longer!” – Lili, Buxton Community School

“The student volunteers were the GOLD DUST and essence of what makes the residential so impressive and so impactful. Hard to think of anything they could have done to be more helpful.” – Mr Bell-Brown, Walthamstow Academy

“I liked that there was an array of subjects to attend about an array of things that were interesting and showed stuff about the niche subjects that are explored at university.” – Piers, Christ the King College

“Good mix of hard work and free time, food and café was a real treat for all – thank you! I loved the confidence over time – the students grew exponentially in confidence throughout the 4 days.” – Mr Matthews, Yate Academy

“I enjoyed everything: the food, the people, the sessions for teachers, and the time to get on and do some work! It has been one of the best experiences.” – Ms Hawley, Padgate Academy

“The event has definitely boosted my confidence in general whether this be through talking to people and interacting with others or just knowing much more about university and Cambridge as a whole; this confidence has lead to me being more excited rather than apprehensive about sixth form and further education.” –Anonymous

Overall I’ve found it to be one of the best experiences I’ve had as a student and the collation of all aspects of the event contributed to that. There friendly and positive environment was felt throughout the residential and this was something I really enjoyed and appreciated. – Ethan, Yate Academy