Teachers play a vital role in encouraging students to apply to Cambridge. We look for the best and brightest students each year. We’re interested in academic potential, not in a student’s background.

Sometimes students think that they are not good enough to study at Cambridge, or that they will not fit in there. The various myths about Cambridge are almost always untrue, but they can seriously affect a student’s decision about whether or not to apply. They shouldn’t put your pupils off applying to the University, or put you off encouraging them.

Teachers can sign up to our Mailing List here to stay up-to-date with upcoming events and opportunities for you and your students.

There is useful information on the teachers’ section of the Cambridge website, and our Open Days are a great way to find out more about Cambridge.

Careful choice of post-16 qualifications is crucial so that students keep doors open at university level. For advice relevant to the Russell Group, have a look at their Informed Choices pages which has useful advice on key facilitating subjects. For advice specific to Cambridge, be aware that individual colleges may have particular requirements; for example, Trinity has a list of Preferred A-level Combinations here.

To get in touch with the Cambridge college linked with your local area, which can provide a first point of contact with the University and organise visits for your school or college, please see the Area Links page.

Teacher FAQ

You can find a list of questions and answers to common queries in our Teacher FAQ. In addition, we always happy to hear from teachers, so please email Lizzie at: schools.liaison@trin.cam.ac.uk if you have any questions.

Resources for Teachers

There are a number of resources available for students interested in studying at the University of Cambridge and the teachers and advisers who support them. Hopefully a lot of your questions will be answered by exploring our College website but, if not, here are some other helpful websites.