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Please use this form to sign up for a supervision as part of one of our Trinity Teaching Tours.
Supervisions are a central way of teaching at Cambridge University, as well as at Oxford University where they are called tutorials. They are done in very small groups of around two or three, or sometimes one to one with a supervisor, and offer the opportunity to study your subject in depth through discussion and debate. The mock supervision held at your school will therefore give you an insight into what studying at Oxford or Cambridge might be like, and give you the chance to work through questions about your subject with an academic. Oxford and Cambridge interviews are modelled on supervisions, which means that the mock supervisions are excellent preparation for interview, as they’ll give you the chance to discuss your subject with someone who you don’t know. Whereas in actual supervisions there is work to be completed in advance, for these mock supervisions there is no preparation required and they will be carried out in a relaxed and informal way.

  • Please note that the supervisions are primarily aimed at Year 12s.
  • Please list all of your subjects.
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