Visits to schools

Trinity run a wide variety of events in school and colleges, focussing our large events on Trinity’s Link Areas, which are Milton Keynes, Berkshire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. If you are a teacher or student at a school in one of these areas, then please get in touch and have a look through what we have on offer. To sign up for one of these events, simply scroll down and fill in the form below – you can also use this form to request a general visit to your school or college.

Jane Austen Study Day –  Isle of Wight

In collaboration with St Anne’s College, Oxford, this will be an afternoon of study focussing on the writing of Jane Austen, on the 6th of April at Island Innovation VI Form Campus between 1pm and 3:30pm.  There will be short talks about her life in Hampshire and her connection with the Isle of Wight, and also about her very funny early writings which we’ll be able to discuss together in smaller groups. These discussion groups will be the main focus of the afternoon. Dr Anne Toner of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Dr Freya Johnston of St Anne’s College, Oxford, will be running the event.  Teachers can sign up to host this event using the form below.

Students will have the opportunity to read together and talk about extracts from Austen’s fiction. There is no need to have any prior knowledge of Austen’s writing and no reading in advance of the study day is required. But those who are interested might have a glance through the following freely-available website of Jane Austen’s manuscripts:

You will find Austen’s teenage notebooks, ‘volume the first’ to ‘volume the third’, under ‘manuscripts’ and then ‘juvenilia’. Have a look at Austen’s brilliantly accelerated ‘The History of England’ in ‘volume the second’ (pages 153-186), with its illustrations by her sister Cassandra. Teachers or individual students can sign up to be involved using the form below, or contact Terri-Leigh at

Teaching Tours

We’ll be running two Teaching Tours this year, visiting schools in Hampshire, Berkshire and Isle of Wight.  The first will run from the 4th to the 7th of April and the second will run from the 10th to the 13th of July.

Teachers can sign their students up to the Teaching Tour using the form below.

The idea of the tour is for Trinity fellows and PhD students to accompany undergraduates and the schools liaison officers, in order to offer teaching sessions across different subjects in addition to the usual admissions talk. These sessions should be excellent preparation for Year 12s writing personal statements, and would give all students a taste of university-style teaching. We can offer lectures to all year groups, preferably Year 10 and up, and we’re also proud to offer sample supervisions for your Year 12 students. The supervisions can be complex to organise, and so it’s useful for us to collect information on students subject preferences in advance, which we’ll be doing this year via a short form that we’ll ask you to send out to students.

Teaching Tour Supervisions

Supervisions are a central way of teaching at Cambridge University, as well as at Oxford University where they are called tutorials. They are done in very small groups of around two or three, or sometimes one to one with a supervisor, and offer the opportunity to study a subject in depth through discussion and debate. The mock supervision held at schools and colleges will therefore give an insight into what studying at Oxford or Cambridge might be like, and offer the chance to work through questions with an academic. Oxford and Cambridge interviews are modelled on supervisions, which means that the mock supervisions are excellent preparation for interview, as they involve discussing a subject with a new person. Whereas in actual supervisions there is work to be completed in advance, for these mock supervisions there is no preparation required and they will be carried out in a relaxed and informal way.

General School Visits

To browse the available activities for general school visits, please see the Activities for Schools page. It is particularly helpful when neighbouring schools and colleges collaborate so that we can meet a good number of potential applicants. In some cases, it may also be possible for lecturers or current undergraduates to visit schools and colleges.

We are happy to consider requests to visit schools anywhere in the UK, though your primary point of contact with Cambridge can be found via the Area Links Scheme:

To request a visit to your school, you can fill out the form below or email Terri-Leigh at