Trinity Remote Outreach

For the upcoming academic year, Trinity College will be offering our link schools a package of bookable online outreach sessions designed for students and teachers that can be delivered remotely in a safe and flexible manner at no cost to the schools.

What are they?

  • Live virtual sessions delivered by the Trinity Outreach Team or the Admissions Director covering a range of topics linked to progression to university-level study and University of Cambridge admissions.
  • Session content is focused on the needs of different year groups: aspiration-focused sessions for KS3 and KS4 students; KS5 sessions focused on attainment and Oxbridge application support.
  • Teacher-focused sessions are also available, providing practical support and information so they can support students with Oxbridge applications and write effective student references. This can be for a single teacher or a larger group.
  • All sessions will be delivered as Zoom Meetings (on our own account) and are designed to fill an up-to 60-minute slot, with the section delivered by us lasting c.40 minutes and the remainder of the slot being used for group work linked to the session content (also provided by us). Timings can be arranged and adapted to suit your school timetable and minimise disruption for your students.
  • Schools will be able to book sessions and timeslots in advance, with Zoom links then being sent to the teacher running the session on site.
  • Schools can book multiple sessions for the same group of students if they want to dovetail the linked sessions over the course of the year.
  • All sessions are provided at no cost to the school as part of the outreach work done by Trinity College and the University of Cambridge

Each session will require from the school:

  • A classroom with smartboard or projector/screen to project the live talk onto.
  • A teacher to set up and start the live session, observe the class, relay the names and total number of attendees, relay questions via the chat function and run the follow-up exercise when the talk is finished.

Booking Information

  • We are available to deliver these sessions Monday-Friday between 9:00-17:00 during term time.
  • To book, email us at with the session you would like delivered and your preferred date/time and we will get back to you to confirm arrangements.


  • Sessions will be coordinated solely by a teacher. Students will not be contacted at any point, will not be able to access the session from any device themselves and will be monitored by said teacher/member of staff at all points during the session.
  • Our Outreach Team and Admissions Director are fully DBS-checked and have undergone safeguarding training.

Sessions Menu

Group  Session Objectives
KS3 Targeting University: Post-16 Options Students to be introduced to post-16 options broadly and also to the different university options open to them. Make students aware of benefits and destinations of a broad range of degree choices.
KS4 Targeting University: Highly Selective Universities Allow students to see the diversity of choice in university options open to them and begin to understand benefits of targeting highly selective universities.
KS4 Targeting University: Subject Choices To provide students with information they need in order to make informed, university-directed, post-16 choices when it comes to picking A-Levels.
Yr12 Study skills & Supercurricular Resources Outline what supercurricular study is and why it’s important to get started on it early.Outline methods for keeping track of supercurricular research and reflections throughout the year.
Explain reflective reading skills for effective engagement.
Session also demonstrates range of tools available to improve study skills.
Yr12 Writing Effective Oxbridge Applications Introduce or clarify the Oxbridge application process and give a breakdown of the extra steps and deadlines, and some info on what they could be doing if they’re going to be applying this year.
Includes details about the personal statement format and content guidelines
Session can be geared towards writing first draft of statements, or redrafting personal statements
Yr13 Admissions Assessments Outline the pre- and at-interview assessments that applicants will encounter, as well as advice on pre-submitted coursework where applicable.
Give advice on effective preparation and what sorts of skills different tests call upon to allow for effective prep.
Yr13 Interview Preparation Provide an overview of interview format (including virtual delivery) and some subject-area specifics.
Signpost students to preparatory resources that they can make use of as well as practice techniques.
Allow students to prepare effectively for interview format and allay fears surrounding virtual delivery.
Teachers Application Support & Student References An interactive session to provide teachers with tools to help their students (principally yrs 12 &13) with Oxbridge application support, help them write effective references for students, and prepare students for interviews

These sessions have been put together following consultations with teachers and we hope that they meet the needs of you and your students. If there are other topics that you would like covered, or if you have other suggestions on what more we could be doing please do contact us and let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!