Trinity Olympians

Members of Trinity have won an impressive 25 Olympic Gold Medals, although they have been less thick on the ground of late.

MedallistLivedYear / Event Details
Derek Allhusen1914-20001968 EquestrianThree day event - team
Richard Beesly1907-19651928 RowingCoxless fours
Edward Bevan1907-19881928 RowingCoxless fours
Chris Boardman1903-19871936 YachtingSix metre class
Guy Butler1899-19811920 Athletics4x400m relay
Charles Eley1902-19831924 RowingCoxless fours
Ray Etherington-Smith1877-19131908 RowingEights
Banner Johnstone1882-19641908 RowingEights
John Lander1907-19411928 RowingCoxless fours
Charles Leaf1895-19471936 YachtingSix metre class
Henry Llewellyn1911-19991952 EquestrianPrix des Nations - team
Vivian Lockett1880-19621920 PoloTeam
Cyril Mackworth-Praed1891-19741924 ShootingRunning deer - double shot team
James Macnabb1901-19901924 RowingCoxless fours
Charles Miller1868-19511908 PoloTeam
George Miller1867-19351908 PoloTeam
Stewart Morris1909-19911948 YachtingSwallow class
Robert Morrison1902-19801924 RowingCoxless fours
Evan Noel1879-19281908 RacketsSingles
Vane Pennell1876-19381908 RacketsDoubles
Ronald Rawson1882-19521920 BoxingHeavyweight
Terence Sanders1901-19851924 RowingCoxless fours
Ronald Sanderson1876-19181908 RowingEights
Michael Warriner1908-19861928 RowingCoxless fours
Max Woosnam1892-19651920 TennisMen's doubles

(Much of the information on this page was compiled by Dr Sean Blanchflower, and is reproduced here by his kind permission.)