Telethon 2019

Telethon 2019

Trinity is currently preparing to run its annual Telethon. From March 19 to April 6, a group of dedicated student callers will be speaking to alumni all over the world, sharing their experiences at Trinity, updating alumni on what the College is like today, as well as asking to support the College.

The Telethon is a fantastic opportunity for current students to connect directly with alumni and to learn about what life could hold after their time at Trinity. Many of our previous student callers have commented on how valuable this has been when planning for the future and for making the most of their time at Trinity.

“I’m really excited to get in touch with Trinity alumni to find out about life in College before my time, and what they have gone on to achieve!” Mina Frost (2016)

The Telethon also generates invaluable support for the College. Last year alumni pledged a fantastic £280,000, meaning that Trinity is able to provide more funding for students, the College’s Widening Participation programmes, as well as for the Choir and the First and Third Trinity Boat Club.

We look forward to speaking with you soon. If you would prefer not to receive a call, please contact Phoebe Harris on