The 2017 Trinity College Telephone Campaign

Trinity’s Telethon ran from 18 March to 9 April, and was driven by a group of 16 enthusiastic students.

Over the course of the Telethon, they spoke with 849 alumni in every corner of the world. In addition to reconnecting members with the College and talking about life at Trinity, nearly 60% of those with whom they spoke chose to make a gift. Overall, the Telethon raised £460,207 in support of our Annual Fund.

“I want to say how much I enjoyed my conversation with James. I am unsure how we launched our conversation (was I really chatting with a Trinity student in the UK?) but I can say without equivocation that it was a most enjoyable conversation which ranged across many subjects an, while I probably talked too much about my life as a lawyer in Canada, it did remind me of the exemplary year I spent at Trinity, now some 47 years ago.” Mr John W Craig (1969).

One of the student callers, James Redlaff (2016), said:

“One of my favourite moments on the telethon was calling an Italian Professor – he picked up, I asked “Hello, may I speak to Professor Ranchetti?” to which he replied “Si, it’s-a me, Fabio!” (Reference to “it’s-a me, Mario!”, and he did it in exactly the same voice as Mario)! We hit it off straight away; I thought we’d only been chatting for maybe 20 minutes – checked the timer: Over an hour! This was at the start of the campaign when things were going more slowly for me, and so was really the first thing that sparked my slightly competitive enthusiasm for the rest of the campaign!”.