1546 Society

1546 Society members are part of an important global community of alumni and friends, from 26 countries, who support the College.

What distinguishes the Society’s members from other supporters are the level and duration of their gifts. Alumni who graduated more than 10 years ago are encouraged to make a regular gift of £15.46 per month, or £185.52 per year. For those who have graduated within the last 10 years, we ask you to consider a gift of £15.46 per quarter, or £5.15 per month.

Gifts of this kind make an immediate difference to the lives of Trinity students. It takes only 16 people giving £15.46 a month, with Gift Aid, to fund an undergraduate bursary of £3,500 for a year. With increasing financial pressures faced by students every year, this kind of assistance is ever more in demand.

As a member of the 1546 Society, and in recognition of your gift, you will receive a donor pin, have your name included in our annual list of donors, and you will be invited to a special reception in College.

To join the 1546 Society please click here.

For more information, get in touch with our Annual Fund Officer (annualfund@trin.cam.ac.uk).

Why I Give… by Charles Agbuduwe (2013)

“Donating to Trinity is my way of giving back to an institution that was incredibly supportive to me. The generosity of alumni ensures that the college continues to attract the best brains from around the world. Therefore, investing in its future is something to which we must all be committed, and I am thrilled to show my appreciation by being a part of the 1546 Society. I do hope that by reading this, you too will join me in supporting our College”