Class Giving

What is a ‘Class Gift’?

Each year, members of reunion classes are encouraged to band together in fundraising campaigns to inspire high levels of alumni participation and to secure gifts in support of Trinity’s immediate priorities.

The Trinity experience would not be possible through income from fees alone. Many crucial programmes rely on gifts from students, alumni, and friends.

A class gift requires those from the same matriculation year to join together and support a specific initiative within Trinity. All class gifts to the Annual Fund have an immediate impact on teaching, research, and maintaining the fabric of College life.

It takes a collective effort from the entire alumni community to ensure that Trinity remains among the world’s leading institutions. Whether you’re passionate about student support, supervisions, research opportunities, sports and/or general College infrastructure, every alumnus/a has a passion that defined their College experience.

Donating to your area of interest is a particularly meaningful way to help the College and allows future students to benefit from the opportunities that you provide by giving.

Please click here to make a class gift

Current Donors

The 2016 Annual Gatherings will be held for the following matriculation years on the following dates:

  • Saturday 2 July – 1975-1977
  • Friday 8 July – 1994-1995
  • Wednesday 13 July – 1953-1957
  • Wednesday 21 September – 1958-1961

Many alumni within these year groups have already made a gift this year. In fact, the following numbers of alumni in each of these groups are currently giving.

  • 1975-1977 – 166 alumni (22.6%)
  • 1994-1995 – 130 alumni (24.8%)
  • 1953-1957 – 127 alumni (15.2%)
  • 1958-1961 – 197 (23.3%)

We encourage alumni to band together to maximise the impact of their giving on the College.

If you would like to become a class representative, please contact the College’s Annual Fund Officer (