Priorities for the Annual Fund

Student Support

Gifts under this heading are used to assist Trinity students and enhance their experience at Cambridge. The Student Support Fund has provided bursaries to students to alleviate the cost of student fees. It has also been used by the College to offset some of the cost of student maintenance, as well as to provide travel grants and fund study awards.

The Fellows’ Research Fund

Gifts under this heading provide vital support to a wide range of scholarly initiatives that form the intellectual heart of Trinity. In addition to facilitating ground-breaking research, support from this fund ensures that Trinity’s students remain connected to the leaders in their field of study.

Access Programmes

Gifts under this heading support the College’s outreach through a partnership with IntoUniversity, to work in educationally disadvantaged neighbourhoods in an effort to develop students’ skills towards university entry. This is part of the College’s ongoing commitment to access, which encourages young people with the academic potential and enthusiasm to apply to Trinity College, regardless of their school or background.

The First and Third Boat Club

Gifts under this heading help the Boat Club to remain competitive through the purchase of equipment and the funding of coaching and training camps. In recent years, gifts have been put towards new boats for the women’s side and new tubs in which to train novices.

The Trinity College Choir

Gifts under this heading are used to support Vocal Study Awards. These awards enable talented students to remain in College after their studies have ended, so that they might continue their vocal training.

General Purposes

Gifts under this heading are used either to support the above-listed initiatives or to fund other needed projects within the College. In recent years, other areas of need have included renovations both to sporting facilities and to the Great Court Fountain.

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