Studying without Financial Concerns: Khuzaimah Saeed (2014) and Jakub Nagrodzki (2014)

Khuzaimah Saeed (2014)



“Having grown up on a council estate, the bursary that I receive from Trinity has had an enormous impact on me. The bursary makes it far easier to focus on my academic studies without financial concerns. It makes my life at College far easier and more enjoyable than it would have otherwise been. I use it to help cover accommodation and other living costs. My experience of life at Trinity would be hugely different if it wasn’t for the bursary.” – Khuzaimah Saeed (2014)





“Throughout my studies in Medicine at Trinity College, I have been generously supported by a Trinity Bursary. The costs of living in Cambridge, in addition to tuition fees, would have been an unbeatable obstacle for my family. Two years ago, the bursary allowed me to come to study at Trinity. It continues to have a massive impact on my life, permitting me to focus on my studies and enjoy Cambridge without financial worries. Without it I would not be where I am now: starting my third year at Cambridge with a First in Part I.” – Jakub Nagrodzki (2014)