Members Obituaries

Trinity prints an In Memoriam list of deceased members every year in the Annual Record. Please contact the secretary responsible for alumni records with information for that list.

This page provides an additional service: it links to or reproduces published obituaries of alumni. To draw attention to an obituary of an alumnus or alumna that has appeared in the press and which might be included here, please contact the Secretary of the Website Committee. Obituaries of Fellows and Honorary Fellows of Trinity are published in the Annual Record.

Trinity also maintains a list of non-published obituaries for those members who have not been mentioned in the press but who have had an appreciation written for them:

SurnameOther NamesYear of BirthYear of Death 
AldousSir William19362018Judge. The Telegraph, 06-04-2018; The Times, 18-04-2018.
AllenWilliam Sidney19182004Elected a Fellow 1955. Philologist. The Times (pdf), 03-06-2004.
ApplefordThe Revd Patrick19252018Pioneer of modern church music. The Telegraph, 24-01-2019
AshtonMark19482010Vicar. Cambridge Evening News, 05-04-2010.
AtiyahSir Michael19292019Elected a Fellow 1954. Distinguished mathematician. The Guardian, 15-01-2019.
BaileyRt Revd Jonathan19402008Bishop of Derby. The Telegraph, 26-12-2008; The Church Times, 02-01-2009.
BakerProfessor Alan19392018Distinguished mathematician. The Guardian, 09-04-2018
BarclayOliver19192013Second General Secretary, Inter-Varsity Fellowship / Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship. UCCF, 13-09-2013; The Times, 04-10-2013.
BarkerRichard19392009Headmaster. The Telegraph, 17-02-2010.
BarlowProfessor Horace19212020Elected a Fellow 1973. Neuroscientist. The Guardian, 23-08-2020.
BarranSir David19122002Former chairman of Shell and later chairman of the Midland Bank. The Telegraph, 03-06-2002; The Independent, 18-06-2002.
BartlettChristopher19302014Engineer. The Guardian, 14-10-2014.
BartonAnne19332013Elected a Fellow 1986. Shakespeare scholar. The Guardian, 25-11-2013; The Telegraph, 19-11-2013; The Independent, 11-02-2014.
BatchelorProfessor George19202000Elected a Fellow 1951. Applied mathematician. The Guardian, 12-04-2000.
BateSir David19162011Judge. The Times, 22-06-2011.
BateyKeith19192010Codebreaker. The Telegraph, 02-09-2010.
BeckermanProfessor Wilfred19252020Renowned economist. The Guardian, 26-04-2020; The Times, 02-06-2020.
Bellaigue, deSir Geoffrey19312009Leading authority on the decorative arts. The Telegraph, 08-01-2013; The Guardian, 24-03-2013.
BenjaminIvor19562019Theatre director and writer. The Guardian, 31-07-2019.
BerridgeProfessor Sir Michael 19382020Elected a Fellow 1972. Cell Signalling Expert. Babraham Institute, 13-02-2020.
BerrillSir Kenneth19202009Economist and public servant. The Guardian, 26-06-2009.
BerryJohn19072002Environmentalist. The Independent, 22-02-2002.
BestProfessor Geoffrey19282018Historian. The Times, 16-02-2018.
BirchPaul19562012Scientist and councillor. Isle of Wight County Press, 13-07-2012.
BirdwoodLord19382015Businessman and Tory peer. The Telegraph, 30-07-2015.
BirkettLord19292015Arts supremo. The Telegraph, 27-04-2015; The Guardian, 18-05-2015.
BirrellAndrew19512016Computer scientist. Communications of the ACM [Association for Computing Machinery], 09-12-2016.
BoardmanProfessor J. Michael19382021Mathematician (homotopy). HUB (Johns Hopkins Magazine), 19-03-2021.
BoltSydney19072002English teacher and critic. The Guardian, 18-06-2012.
BoorstinDaniel Joseph19142004Librarian of Congress. The Independent, 05-03-2004; Washington Post, 29-02-2004.
BoscawenThe Hon. Robert Thomas19232013Former MP and wartime tank commander. Frome Standard, 10-01-2014; The Daily Telegraph, 07-01-2014; The Independent, 14-01-2014.
BottomleySir James19202013Civil servant and diplomat. The Times, 13-06-2013.
BowenArchbishop Michael19302019Southwark Archbishop Emeritus. The Tablet, 17-10-2019.
BradfieldSir John19252014Elected a Fellow 1947. Former Senior Bursar. The Telegraph, 18-10-14.
BransonEdward19182011Soldier and barrister. The Telegraph, 08-05-2011.
BrittanThe Lord Brittan of Spennithorne19392015QC and former Home Secretary. The Guardian, 22-01-2015; The Independent, 23-01-2015.
Bülow, vonClaus19262019Acquitted socialite. New York Times, 30-05-2019; Los Angeles Times, 30-05-2019.
BunnDouglas19282009Equestrian and founder of the All England Jumping Course Hickstead. The Guardian, 20-06-2009.
BurtonRaymond19172011Businessman and philanthropist. The Telegraph, 20-02-2011;The Guardian, 15-03-2011.
ButlerLady19072009Master's wife. Annual Record, 2009.
BuxtonThe Lord Buxton of Alsa 19182009Naturalist, television executive and politician. The Telegraph, 03-09-2009; The Guardian, 07-09-2009.
BuxtonJohn19272014Countryman and conservationist. Eastern Daily Press, 20-01-2014.
BuxtonJohn19332009Software engineer. The Guardian, 12-11-2009.
CarnwathFrancis19402020Banker and champion of the arts. The Telegraph, 06-07-2020; The Times, 11-07-2020.
CarsonPeter19382013Penguin editor-in-chief. The Guardian, 24-01-2013.
CasselsSir John19282016Leading British educationist, The Times, 06-04-2016.
ChadwickHenry19202008Elected an Honorary Fellow 1987. Priest and scholar. The Telegraph, 18-06-2008; The Guardian, 19-06-2008; Church Times, 20-06-2008; The Independent, 21-06-2008.
ChandavarkarRajnarayan19532006Elected a Fellow 1988. Historian. History Workshop Journal, 01-03-2007.
ChandlerSir Geoffrey19222011Director of Shell and advocate of ethical business principles. The Guardian, 10-04-2011; The Telegraph, 27-04-2011.
ChapmanBob19262016Architect. The Architects’ Journal , 09-01-2017.
ClementsDr Alan1927 2020Medical entomologist. The Guardian, 18-03-2021.
ColeMajor John William Burke19202011Coldstream Guard and farmer. Obituary from the Newbury Weekly News, 2012.
CollinsonProfessor Patrick19292011Elected a Fellow 1988. Historian. The Telegraph, 02-10-2011.
ComfortAlex19202000Sexologist and gerontologist. The Guardian, 28-03-2000.
CongreveAmbrose19072011Businessman and renowned gardener. The Telegraph, 25-05-2011.
CornfordJames19352011Academic and social reformer. The Guardian, 05-10-2011.
CourtauldWilliam19432010Businessman. The Times, 16-04-2010.
CourtauldRevd Christopher19342014Vicar of St Paul's Church, Knightsbridge, from 1978 to 1999. The Telegraph, 05-02-2014.
CoxeterHarold Scott MacDonald19072003Elected an Honorary Fellow 2000. Mathematician. MacTutor, 07-04-2003; The New York Times, 07-04-2003; The Independent, 15-04-2003.
CraigNares19172012Architect. Cambridge Evening News, 11-02-2012; The Guardian, 02-04-2012; Own webpage, 2012.
CrickhowellLord Crickhowell19342018Former Welsh secretary. The Guardian, 19-03-2018.
CubbonSir Brian19282015Senior civil servant. The Times, 26-05-2015.
CundyRt Revd Ian19452009Bishop of Peterborough. The Telegraph, 11-05-2009; Church Times, 15-05-2009; The Guardian, 28-05-2009.
DaniellColonel Antony19132011Colonel and engineer. The Telegraph, 04-01-2012.
DavidsonProfessor John19262019Elected a Fellow 1957. Chemical engineer and founding father of fluidization. The Telegraph, 30-12-2019; The Times, 21-01-2020; The Chemical Engineer, 27-01-2020.
DavidsonArthur19262018Media lawyer and MP. The Guardian, 29-01-2018.
DaviesJohn19382015Academic and broadcaster. The Independent, 19-02-2015.
DavisProfessor Clive19162009Mathematician. Australian Mathematical Society Gazette, 01-03-2010.
DentMartin19252014Former colonial civil servant and eccentric academic. The Telegraph, 04-06-2014; The Guardian, 22-05-2014.
DevonsSamuel19142006Elected a Fellow 1946. Physicist and science historian. The Independent, 03-01-2007.
DigbySimon19322010Oriental scholar, writer and linguist. The Telegraph Calcutta, 21-01-2010.
Donaldson of LymingtonLord Donaldson of Lymington19202005Elected an Honorary Fellow 1983. Master of the Rolls. The Telegraph, 02-09-2005; The Guardian, 03-09-2005; The Independent, 03-09-2005.
DouglasAlexander19212010Elected a Fellow 1953 and Junior Bursar 1955. Mathematical Computing. The Computer Journal, 29-06-2010.
DreyfusJohn19182002Typographical adviser and historian. The Independent, 04-01-2003.
DrummondHumphrey19222009Naturalist, sportsman and historian. The Telegraph, 14-05-2009.
DukeThomas19642012Elected a Fellow 1998. Biological physicist. The Guardian, 30-07-2012; The Telegraph, 02-10-2012.
DunboyneLord19512013Anglo-Irish peer. The Telegraph, 10-09-2013.
DysonProfessor Freeman19232020Elected an Honorary Fellow 1989. Mathematician, physicist and visionary technologist. New York Times, 28-02-2020; MIT Technology Review, 28-02-2020; The Register, 28-02-2020; Antilope Valley Press, 29-02-2020; EIN Newsdesk, 02-03-2020; Evolution News & Science Today, 02-03-2020; The Daily Princetonian, 05-03-2020.
EadieDenis19172015Former army major who won a Military Cross. The Telegraph, 10-05-2015; Herald Scotland, 07-05-2015.
EarleThe Revd Nick19262014Mathematician and theologian. The Guardian, 11-02-2014.
EddisonJohn19162011Clergyman. The Times , 10-06-2011.
EddisonJames Andrew19212012Engineer and businessman. The Scotsman, 31-10-2012.
EdmondsJohn19362020British Rail executive and first head of Railtrack. The Telegraph, 27-05-2020.
EdwardsRichard19662021Barrister and QC. The Spectator, 23-01-2021.
EhrmanJohn19382011Elected a Fellow 1947. Historian. The Telegraph, 17-06-2011; The Independent, 15-07-2011.
ElliottWilliam (Bill)19252012Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry. Australian Biochemist, 03-12-2012.
ErringtonLancelot20172011Senior civil servant. The Independent, 16-01-2012.
EvansMaggie19802009Literary agent. The Guardian, 12-02-2009.
EwbankAnthony19252011High Court Judge. The Times, 08-07-2011.
EwerDenis19132009Zoologist and physiologist. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa.
FaberTom19452004Physicist and publisher. The Guardian, 07-09-2004.
FairbairnJohn19342020Business man and philanthropist. The Times, 14-02-2020; The Telegraph, 17-02-2020.
FinesteinIsrael19212009Judge. Totally Jewish, 15-10-2009.
FisherLord Fisher19212012Norfolk zoo owner, councillor and decorated naval officer. The Telegraph, 07-12-2012.
FitzpatrickDavid19482019Irish historian.The Irish Times, 30-03-2019.
FoxNigel19292008Lawyer. The Times, 17-11-2008.
FoxEustace19082008Elected a Fellow 1946. Engineer. Trinity Download, 2008.
FreerStephen19202017Classical scholar and translator. The Telegraph, 03-05-2017.
GalbraithJohn Kenneth19082006Elected an Honorary Fellow 1987. Economist. BBC website, 30-04-2006; The New York Times, 30-04-2006; The Guardian, 01-05-2006; The Independent, 01-05-2006; The Telegraph, 01-05-2006.
GarrettStephen19222019British architect and veteran museum director. Artforum, 04-12-2019; Artfix Daily, 04-12-2019; Los Angeles Times, 06-12-2019.
GartsideEdmund19332018Businessman. The Telegraph, 31-07-2018.
GaskellPhillip19262001Elected a Fellow 1967. Librarian and literary scholar. The Independent, 02-08-2001.
Gelsey, deBaron (William)19212021International investment banker. The Telegraph, 12-03-2021; The Times, 31-03-2021.
GoldThomas19202004Elected an Honorary Fellow 1986. Astronomer and geoscientist. Physics World, 23-06-2004; The Guardian, 24-06-2004; The New York Times, 24-06-2004; The Telegraph, 25-06-2004; The Independent, 29-06-2004.
GoodhartSir Phillip19252015Former Cabinet minister. The Independent, 09-07-2015; The Guardian, 07-07-2015.
GoodhartLord Goodhart19332017Liberal Democrat peer. The Daily Telegraph, 10-01-2017.
GoodingProfessor David Willoughby 19252019Author of Bible books. The Belfast Telegraph, 04-09-2019.
Graham, BtSir John19262019Diplomat who served in the Middle East and Africa. The Telegraph, 06-02-2020.
GrangerClive19342009Elected an Honorary Fellow 2005. Economist. The Telegraph, 29-05-2009; New York Times, 30-05-2009; Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2009; The Guardian, 01-06-2009.
GraySimon19362008Dramatist and author. The Guardian, 07-08-2008; The Telegraph, 07-08-2008; The Times, 08-08-2008; The Independent, 08-08-2008; New York Times, 08-08-2008.
GrazebrookMichael19172011Grenadier Guard (MC). The Telegraph, 20-12-2011.
GreenDennis19222008Elected a Fellow 1948. German medievalist. The Independent, 18-12-2008;The Times, 03-02-2009.
GreengrossSir Alan19292018Businessman and politician. The Times, 21-08-2018; The Telegraph, 30-09-2018.
GriffithTudor19512011Scientist. Cardiff University newsletter, 01-12-2011.
GriffithsEric19532018Elected a Fellow 1980. Literary critic. The Guardian, 28-12-2018.
GuestIvor19202018Dance historian and lawyer. The Telegraph, 17-04-2018; The Times, 28-04-2018.
GunnThomson William19292004Poet. The Times, 28-04-2004; The Guardian, 28-04-2004.
GunnJohn Battiscombe19282008Physicist. Physics Today, 13-02-2009.
GuthrieRobin19372009Charity director and social campaigner. The Times, 06-05-2009; The Independent, 15-05-2009; The Guardian, 17-06-2009.
Gwynn-JonesPeter19402010Garter Principal King of Arms. The Telegraph, 01-09-2010.
HancockReginald (Rex) Legassicke19282012Rector. The Telegraph, 02-10-2012.
HandleyEric Walter19262013Elected a Fellow 1984. Classical scholar and papyrologist. The Times, 06-02-2013.
HarlandAir Marshal Sir Reginald19202013Distinguised RAF engineering officer. The Telegraph,19-09-2013.
HarrisonBrian19212011Businessman and MP. The Telegraph, 18-09-2011; The Times, 30-09-2011.
HawthorneWilliam19132011Elected a Fellow 1951. Elected an Honorary Fellow 1995. Engineer. The Telegraph, 21-09-2011; Cambridge Evening News, 25-09-2011.
HawthorneEdward19202010Mechanical scientist and consultant. Bucks Free Press, 06-10-2010.
HaywardDerek19232010Vicar. The Telegraph, 27-05-2010.
HealyMichael19232016Statistician. The Guardian, 24-08-2016.
Hervey-BathurstJohn19342011Banker. The Times, 28-12-2011.
HighamAdrian19282013Publisher. The Times, 18-04-2013.
HillD.K.19152002Physiologist. The Independent, 12-09-2002.
HirstJonathan19532017Chairman of the Bar Council. The Times, 25-07-2017.
HirstDavid19252011Barrister and Lord Justice of Appeal. The Telegraph, 16-01-2012.
HoldenAlan19222011Chemist. The Scotsman, 17-08-2011.
HorderThomas Mervyn19101997Publisher. The Independent, 10-07-1997.
HowittBasil19402011Musician and author. The Guardian, 16-01-2012.
Hugh-SmithSir Andrew19312012Former chairman of the London Stock Exchange. The Telegraph, 25-10-2012.
HughesGeorge Graham19262010Arts administrator and writer. The Guardian, 09-11-2010.
HuxleyAndrew Fielding19172012Physiologist and biophysicist. The Guardian, 31-05-2012; The Times, 02-06-2012.
IbbsSir Robin19262014Company director of ICI, head of Margaret Thatcher's think tank, and chairman of Lloyds Bank. The Guardian, 03-08-2014; The Telegraph, 29-07-2014.
ImamSyed Mohammad Amir19282013Writer and poet. The Guardian, 18-12-2013.
IversenProfessor Leslie19372020Fellow 1964–1975; 1979–1984. Neuropharmacologist. The Guardian, 18-09-2020.
JacksonGraham19672012Conductor. The Telegraph, 09-08-2012; The Guardian, 08-10-2012.
JamesSir Kenneth19262013Diplomat. The Telegraph, 05-08-2013.
JamesEric19242012Pastor. The Telegraph, 02-05-2012; The Guardian, 06-05-2012; The Independent, 17-05-2012.
JenkinIan Tregarthen19202004Art educator. The Guardian, 05-10-2004.
JohnsonPaley19172011Elected a Fellow 1962. Colloid scientist. Obituary from the Trinity Annual RecordTribute to Johnson (pdf), 2011.
JohnsonChristopher19582017Writer and researcher. The Guardian, 06-06-2017.
JolowiczJohn Anthony19262012Elected a Fellow 1952. Lawyer. The Times Announcements, 20-01-2012.
JonesGareth19302016Elected a Fellow 1961. Legal scholar. The Times, 23-06-2016.
JonesDavid Mervyn19222008Elected a Fellow 1949. Classicist. Obituary from the Exeter Register, 2009.
JudgeSir Paul19492017Entrepreneur and business school founder. The Daily Telegraph, 22-05-2017.
KaltonNigel19462010Mathematician. The Times, 01-09-2010.
KelleyProfessor Anthony19292014Second vice-chancellor of the University of Surrey. The Times Higher Education, 26-06-2014.
KelleyDavid19411999Elected a Fellow 1969. Poet and French scholar. The Guardian, 01-10-1999.
KendrewJohn19171997Biochemist. New York Times, 30-08-1997; The Independent,12-09-1997.
KennetLord Kennet19232009Author, journalist, politician and 'troublemaker'. The Times, 10-05-2009;The Telegraph, 11-05-2009; The Guardian, 12-05-2009; The Independent, 12-05-2009.
KenneyProfessor Edward John19242019Fellow 1952–1953. Distinguished Cambridge Latinist. The Times, 22-01-2020.
KeynesRichard Darwin19192010Physiologist. The Telegraph, 09-07-2010; The Guardian, 17-08-2010.
KiernanVictor19132009Elected a Fellow 1937. Historian. The Guardian, 18-02-2009.
KimballThe Lord Kimball19282014Conservative MP. The Telegraph, 28-03-2014; The Independent, 06-04-2014.
Kingsley-HeathJohn19262011Hunter. The Telegraph, 01-08-2011.
Kirwan-TaylorPeter19302014Chartered accountant and fast car enthusiast.  The Times, 12-03-2014.
KitchenerThe Earl Kitchener of Khartoum19192011Hereditary peer. The Telegraph, 23-12-2011.
KohnSir Ralph2016Pharmacologist, businessman and acclaimed baritone. The Daily Telegraph, 14-11-2016.
LaneThe Lord Lane of St Ippollitts19182005Elected an Honorary Fellow 1981. Lord Chief Justice. The Guardian, 23-08-2005; The Times, 24-08-2005; The Independent, 25-08-2005.
LaslettPeter19152001Elected a Fellow 1953. Academic who helped establish the Open University. The Guardian, 17-11-2001.
LauterpachtSir Elihu19282017Elected a Fellow 1953. Scholar and international lawyer. The Times, 17-02-2017.
LaytonDavid19142009Industrial relations consultant. The Guardian, 29-09-2009.
LeppardRaymond19272019Conductor and composer. NPR, 22-10-2019; New York Times, 22-10-2019; Indianapolis Star, 22-10-2019; The Telegraph, 23-10-2019; The Guardian, 25-10-2019; The Times, 30-10-2019.
LesterThe Lord Lester of Herne Hill (Anthony) 19362020QC. Human rights lawyer and legislator. The Times, 10-08-2020; The Guardian, 11-08-2020; The Telegraph, 12-08-2020; The Irish Times, 22-08-2020.
LichtensteinHans19272019WWII refugee and later GP. The Guardian, 02-04-2019.
LighthillJames19241998Mathematician. New York Times, 02-08-1998.
LindleyProfessor David19232013Statistician. The Telegraph, 10-04-2014; The Guardian, 15-03-2014.
LloydCaptain John19232013Distinguished war record. The Telegraph, 30-04-2013.
LoderRobert19342017Mining entrepreneur and philanthropist. The Daily Telegraph, 02-08-2017.
LongPeter 19242018Philosopher. The Guardian, 26-02-2018.
LubbockJoseph19152019Engineer, artist and writer. The East Anglian Daily Times, 14-02-2019.
LuxmooreRt Revd Christopher19262014Bishop of Bermuda. The Telegraph, 20-04-2014.
LyonDonald19202011Vicar. This is Gloucestershire, 04-03-2011.
MacCormacSir Richard19382014Elected an Honorary Fellow 2006. Award-winning Modernist architect. The Guardian, 29-07-2014; The Independent, 08-08-2014; The Telegraph, 30-07-2014.
MacKayProfessor Sir David19672016Elected an Honorary Fellow 2013. Physicist and mathematician. The Telegraph, 15-04-2016; The Guardian, 18-04-2016.
MaclennanThe Lord (Robert) Maclennan of Rogart19362020The last leader of the SDP. The Guardian, 19-01-2020; The Telegraph, 19-01-2020; The Independent, 06-02-2020.
MaddoxChristopher19122004Medical missionary and 'Moses'. The Guardian, 31-01-2004; The Times, 05-02-2004.
Mare, de laBenedick19382009Curate. The Church Times, 04-12-2009.
MarksDennis Michael19482015TV and radio documentary maker. The Guardian, 09-04-2015; The Telegraph, 03-04-2015.
MarlowRichard19392013Elected a Fellow 1968. Former director of music at Trinity College. The Guardian, 02-07-2013; The Telegraph, 30-06-2013; The Times, 19-08-2013.
MarrianDenis19152008Elected a Fellow 1959. Chemist. Annual Record, 2008.
MauleJeremy Frank19521998Elected a Fellow 1986. English scholar and teacher. The Independent, 02-12-1998.
MawNicholas19352009Composer (Fellow Commoner in Creative Arts at Trinity College 1966-69). The Telegraph, 19-05-2009; The Times, 20-05-2009; The Guardian, 20-05-2009; The Independent, 23-05-2009.
Maxtone GrahamRobert19312017Advocate and entrepreneur. The Times, 09-12-2017. The Scotsman, 12-01-2018.
MaycockRobert19482012Music critic and music editor of The Independent. The Independent, 09-02-2012.
Maynard SmithJohn19202004Elected an Honorary Fellow 1999. Biologist. The Guardian, 22-04-2004; The Times, 22-04-2004; The Telegraph, 22-04-2004; The Independent, 24-04-2004.
MayneRichard19262009Author and civil servant. The Times, 10-12-2009;The Guardian, 21-12-2009; The Telegraph, 29-12-2009.
Mays-SmithMartin19302014Banker. The Times, 12-10-2014.
MestelLeon19272017Astronomer and astrophysicist. The Guardian, 20-09-2017.
MethuenLord19312014Elected hereditary peer. The Wiltshire News, 14-07-2014.
MichellJohn19332009New Age Writer. The Guardian, 06-05-2009; The Telegraph, 08-05-2009; The Times, 12-05-2009; The Independent, 21-05-2009.
MiddletonLord19212011Landowner and peer. Gazette & Herald, 08-06-2011; The Telegraph, 15-06-2011.
MillerKeith19322006Elected a Fellow 1970. Explorer and fatigue engineer. The Independent, 06-06-2006.
MirrleesProfessor Sir James19362018Elected a Fellow 1995. Nobel laureate in Economics. The Times, 31-08-2018; The Guardian, 24-09-2018.
MitchisonJohn Murdoch19222011Elected a Fellow 1950. Cell biologist. The Independent, 23-03-2011; The Telegraph, 05-04-2011; The Guardian, 13-04-2011.
MonsonLord19322011Landowner and active peer. The Telegraph, 24-02-2011.
MontgomeryThe Viscount (David) Montgomery of Alamein19282020Expert in UK trade relations with Latin America. The Telegraph, 21-01-2020; Buenos Aires Times, 08-02-2020; The Times, 19-02-2020.
MooreRichard19312019Internationalist Liberal political secretary and speech writer. The Telegraph, 24-05-2019; The Guardian, 28-06-2019; The Times, 02-07-2019.
MooreNorman Winfrid19232015Conservationist. The Telegraph, 22-10-2015.
MoothamDolf Cecil19332015Banker. The Telegraph, 30-09-2015.
MoreJulian19282010Lyricist. The Guardian, 02-03-2010; The Times, 08-03-2010.
MorrisonAlastair19152009Colonial administrator and ornithologist. China Heritage Quarterly, 01-09-2009; The Times, 09-09-2009.
MurrayLee Peter19132010SOE security officer. The Times, 23-02-2010.
NeildProfessor Robert19242018Elected a Fellow 1971. Economist. The Guardian, 08-01-2019.
NeubergerMichael19532013Elected a Fellow 1985. Molecular biologist. The Guardian, 01-12-2013; The Telegraph, 30-10-2013.
NewmarkPeter19162011Translator, teacher and writer. The Guardian, 28-09-2011.
NinehamDennis Eric19212016Theologian. The Guardian, 31-05-2016.
NortonSimon19522019Mathematician. The Telegraph, 15-02-2019.
NoskwithRolf19192017Bletchley Park codebreaker. The Guardian, 10-01-2017; Nottingham Post, 09-01-2017; The Daily Express, 14-01-2017; The Daily Telegraph, 06-01-2017.
NuttingHarold Anthony19201999Diplomat, politician and writer. The Independent, 03-03-1999.
O'LearyJohn19542012Poet and teacher. The Irish Times, 15-08-2012.
ParméeDouglas19142008Translator and academic. Full obituary (pdf), 13-11-2008.
PellereauMajor General Peter19212014Officer. The Telegraph, 24-04-2014.
PembertonSir Francis19162011Businessman and landowner. Cambridge News, 06-11-2011.
PerrySamuel19182009Elected a Fellow 1947. Muscle Research Biochemist. The Telegraph, 08-01-2010; The Times, 18-01-2010.
PerryGeorge19332020Assistant editor of The Sunday Times Magazine. The Times, 16-02-2021.
PhillipsOwen19302010Oceanographer. Baltimore Sun, 25-10-2010; Trinity Annual Record (pdf), 2011.
PickenLaurence19092007Elected an Honorary Fellow 1991. Scientist, musicologist and polymath. The Times, 24-03-2007; The Independent, 31-03-2007; The Guardian, 06-06-2007.
PickeringThomas19402009Professor of Medicine. New York Times, 18-05-2009.
PintoGeorge19292018Merchant banker. The Telegraph, 26-09-2018; The Times, 07-11-2018.
PirianiFelix19282015Physicist. The Independent, 28-02-2016.
PleschPeter Hariolf19182013Chemist. The Times, 22-03-2013.
PolkinghorneThe Revd Canon Sir John19302021Fellow 1954–1986. Theoretical physicist, theologian and Anglican priest. Christian Today, 12-03-2021; The Telegraph, 18-03-2021; Church Times, 26-03-2021.
PollockGordon19432019QC and flamboyant barrister. The Times, 08-05-2019.
PooleJohn Rea19122002Lawyer. Sydney Morning Herald, 03-07-2002.
Poole-WilsonPhillip19432009Cardiologist. The Times, 13-03-2009; The Telegraph, 24-03-2009; BMJ, 21-04-2009; World Heart Federation, 01-04-2009; The Independent, 16-03-2009.
PopleJohn Anthony19252004Elected an Honorary Fellow 1999. Theoretical chemist. New York Times, 18-03-2004; The Guardian, 19-03-2004; The Independent, 03-04-2004.
PorteousIan19302011Mathematician. The Guardian, 17-02-2011.
PrattDavid19242019Engineer and South Pole explorer. The Times, 01-04-2019.
PrestonRevd Martin19312020Schoolmaster, musician and polymath. Church Times, 22-01-2021.
PriceSir David19242014Politician. The Telegraph, 04-02-2014; The Independent, 12-02-2014.
ProsserFather Hugh19312015Anglican priest. The Guardian, 27-11-2015.
RajaRajendran19482014Elected a Fellow 1973. Physicist. Chicago Tribune, 27-02-2014.
RedpathRobert Theodore19131997Elected a Fellow 1950. English scholar and teacher. The Independent, 04-02-1997.
ReesBrian19282015Headmaster. The Telegraph, 19-04-2016.
ReynoldsLaury19182015Physicist. The Guardian, 04-06-2015.
RhodesAnthony19162004Writer and translator. The Independent, 25-08-2004; The Times, 08-09-2004.
RiceHenry19282010Jane Austen historian. The Times, 23-01-2010.
RichardsPaul19081995Elected a Fellow 1933. Botanist. The Independent, 11-10-1995.
RichardsonLord of Lee19102004Elected an Honorary Fellow 1979. Physician. The Times (pdf), 27-08-2004.
Riley-SmithJonathan19382016Scholar of the Crusades 1957. The Guardian, 06-10-2016.
Ritson Captain Timothy 19352019Cavalry officer. The Telegraph, 11-10-2019.
RobertsonToby19282012Theatre director. The Guardian, 08-07-2012; The Telegraph, 02-10-2012.
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Rothschild, deLeopold19272012Banker and Philanthropist. The Telegraph, 02-05-2012.
Rothschild, deEdmund19162009Banker and gardener. The Telegraph, 19-01-2009.
Ruck KeeneJohn19172014Former chief executive of Royal Society of Chemistry. Royal Society of Chemistry, 04-04-2014.
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RushfordAnthony19222009Constitutional lawyer. The Times, 21-10-2009.
RutterProfessor Nicholas19462019Professor of paediatrics. British Medical Journal, 22-11-2019.
RyanHenry 'Duke'19312019US diplomat, author and playwright. Washington Post, 10-11-2019.
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ShafferSir Peter19262016Playwright. The Guardian, 06-06-2016, The Telegraph, 06-06-2016.
SharpeProfessor Richard19542020Professor of Diplomatic. The Guardian, 05-05-2020.
ShawRonald19292016Mathematician. The Guardian, 05-09-2016.
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SimonBrian19152002Communist educationalist. The Guardian, 22-01-2002.
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Spencer-BrownGeorge19232016Mathematician. The Telegraph, 13-09-2016.
SquiresGordon19242010Elected a Fellow 1956. Physicist. Annual Record, 2010.
St LevanThe Lord19192013Hereditary peer and guardian of St Michael's Mount. The Telegraph, 07-04-2013.
StevensJocelyn19322014Newspaperman and former chairman of English Heritage. The Telegraph, 13-10-2014; The Guardian, 14-10-2014.
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SutherlandJames19222013Civil engineer. The Bristol Post.
Swinnerton-DyerProfessor Sir Peter19272018Elected a Fellow 1981. Distinguished mathematician. The Guardian, 09-01-2019.
SykesRt Revd Stephen19392014Former Bishop of Ely. The Telegraph, 08-10-2014.
TaylorJulian Fausitt19292020Shipping technical director. Cumberland Westmoreland Herald, 26-01-2021.
TeltscherBernard19232020Bridge player and wine merchant. The Telegraph, 26-04-2020.
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TurnerMichael19292009Tintin translator and publisher. The Times, 04-08-2009; The Telegraph, 14-08-2009; The Independent, 02-10-2009.
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TylerChristopher19342017Governor and keeper of the Jewel House of the Tower of London 1989-1994. The Telegraph, 25-07-2017.
UrsellFritz19232012Fluid mechanics scientist. The Telegraph, 12-07-2012.
VaughanDavid19382018QC and expert in European law. The Times, 20-02-2018.
VernonSir Michael19262014Businessman and ocean yachtsman. The Times, 25-02-2014.
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WadeChristopher19212015Local historian. Ham &High, 26-08-2015.
WallSir Nicholas19452017Family court judge. The Guardian, 01-03-2017.
WashbournRoger19112013Administrator; one of the organisers of the golden jubilee of Norfolk Wildlife Trust. Eastern Daily Press, 13-01-2014.
WashbrookDr David19482021Elected a Fellow 2007. Historian of South Asia. The Wire, 08-02-2021.
WaterlowSimon Gordon19412009Publisher. Tennessean, 04-03-2009.
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WeaverOliver19422008Barrister and amusing letter writer. The Times, 04-06-2008.
WebbDavid19121994Botanist. The Independent, 11-10-1994.
WedgewoodJohn19192007Geriatrician. The Times, 19-09-2007; The Telegraph, 01-09-2007.
WeirTony19362011Elected a Fellow 1962. Legal academic. Scots Law News, 15-12-2011.
WellsMartin19282009Elected a Fellow 1955. Zoologist. The Guardian, 25-02-2009.
WheelerDavid19272004Elected a Fellow 1951. Computer scientist. The Independent, 22-12-2004; The Times, 24-12-2004.
WhitelawThe Viscount (William) Whitelaw of Penrith19181999Politician. The Guardian,02-07-1999; The Independent, 02-07-1999.
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WhitesideDerek Thomas19322008Historian of mathematics. The Independent, 03-05-2008; The Guardian, 05-05-2008; The Times, 07-05-2008.
WhitworthTimothy19322019Teacher of economics and political studies. Chess analyst. The Guardian, 03-07-2019.
WigginSir Jerry19372015Former Conservative MP. The Times, 10-04-2015.
WillinkCharles19292009Classical scholar and teacher. The Telegraph, 16-03-2009; The Times, 19-03-2009.
Windsor-Clive, the Earl of PlymouthOther19232018Astute landowner. The Times, 31-03-2018.
WingfieldDigby Simon19101998Politician. The Independent,06-04-1998.
Winnington-IngramProfessor Reginald19101993Elected a Fellow 1928. Classicist. The Independent, 23-01-1993.
WinterJohn19112012Sailor. The Independent, 06-07-2002.
WolfsonThe Lord (David) Wolfson of Sunningdale19352021Fellow Benefactor. Downing Street's first chief-of-staff and later chairman of Next. The Times, 12-03-2021; The Telegraph, 14-03-2021.
WoodsChristopher19232016SOE Officer. The Telegraph, 22-01-2016.
WrightMartin19122001Bioengineer. The Independent, 16-03-2001; The Telegraph, 21-03-2001;The Guardian, 23-03-2001.
WynneDavid19262014Sculptor. The Times, 15-09-2014; The Guardian, 23-09-2014.