Sumita Singha (1988)

Sumita Singha (1988) came to Trinity from India on a scholarship.

She is now a chartered architect based in London with her own practice, Ecologic. She received the UIA: UNESCO International Design Award in 1987. Sumita has taught at several universities, including Manchester, Westminster and London Metropolitan, and lectured at many places in the UK and abroad, including Cambridge. She has written several books on architecture, looking at it from environmental, social, economic and political angles: Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resources (Routledge 2012), Autotelic Architect (Routledge, 2016), Women in Architecture: Critical Concepts (Routledge 2017), and also contributed to many other publications. She has worked as an artist and photographer with exhibitions and publications to her name.

At the Royal Institute of British Architects, she was the Chair of Women in Architecture and then set up its first equality forum, Architects For Change. These have helped to raise the profile and numbers of female architects in a male-dominated construction industry.  Sumita was awarded the Inspirational Leader Award, The Ford Diversity Award and Women Into Business (at the House of Commons) awards, amongst others. She sits on the RIBA professional standards committee and was elected to the RIBA Council 2011-14 and has been a member of several committees there, including education, ethics and professional practice.

In addition, she set up an environmental charity, Charushila, which has carried out community projects in many parts of the world including the UK, Venezuela, India and Palestine.

Sumita is also now non-Executive Director of Moorfields Foundation Trust, where she chairs the ‘People and Workforce’ Committee, while she is also a member of NHS England’s sustainable health system leadership group.