Zoe Heron (1990)

Heron, Zoe

Zoe Heron (1990) is currently Series Producer on BBC2’s Horizon and Executive Producer on BBC4’s The Sky at Night – the two longest running popular science strands in the world. She read Archaeology & Anthropology at Trinity.
She started directing for Horizon in 1999, debuting with Moon Children (2000).  Her Horizon documentary Supermassive Black Holes (2002) was BAFTA nominated.  Her other films for Horizon included Helike (2002), and Freak Wave (2002). Zoe rejoined Horizon in 2013 as Series Producer.  Her recent Horizon films include The Truth About Meteors (2013), Man on Mars: Mission to the Red Planet (2014), What’s Wrong with our Weather? (2014) and Secrets of the Solar System (2015).  Other subjects for Horizon include Living with Autism (2014), Ebola: The Search for a Cure (2014) and Is Your Brain Male or Female? (2014).
Other Bafta success include winning with BBC2 series Battlefield Britain (2004) and a nomination for BBC1’s Can you Train Your Brain? (2011).