First and Third Trinity Boat Club Newsletter

A message from Matthew Griffiths (2009), Boat Club Captain

I would like to introduce myself as the new captain of First and Third Trinity Boat Club, along with Rachel Grewcock (2014), the new women’s captain. I am contacting you all to give an update on how the club has fared in the past year, to request for volunteers to coach and to inform you on how subscriptions to the First and Third Association will be changing.

A message from Alumni Relations and Development

We are delighted to announce that all current members of the First & Third Trinity Boat Club Association can now transfer their subscription to become a donation and, therefore apply Gift Aid. The new structure will mean that all donors to the Boat Club who give at least £20 per year will qualify for membership to the Association. All other benefits will remain the same. You will be treated as a Trinity donor and contribute to the fundraising efforts of the College.

The donations can now be processed by direct debit via the alumni office. The switch is not automatic so if possible please follow this link to set up your donation and select ‘Trinity Boat Club’ in the drop down list of funds.

You must cancel your current standing order with your bank as we cannot do this for you once you have set up the direct debit.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Annual Fund Officer ( or call 01223 338548.)

Overview of Results:

Michaelmas term:

  • Very successful term for novices. Men’s and Women’s novice first boats both won Clare Novices. Novice women won novice Fairbairns and the novice men came second. This result was achieved with a great deal of support from Neil Talbott (1999), who kindly devoted a huge amount of his time and effort towards coaching all these crews.
  • Men’s first boat came 11th and women’s first boat came 8th in Fairbairns.

Lent term:

  • The women had got the Lent’s headship last year, but had lost a lot of that crew, and had a relatively inexperienced crew this year. Plagued by illness and injuries they went down four.
  • The first men had gone down four last year to eighth, under the coaching of Tom Rose (1998) this year they went up two to sixth. They also raced at the Head of the Nene and Head of the River Race (coming 158th).
  • This year’s Goldie crew included two rowers and a cox from First and Third, and we were further represented by a rower in Blondie and one spare in each of the men’s and women’s squads.

May Term:

  • We won 7 out of 9 events entered at the University Small Boat Regatta.
  • The men won Cambridge Head-2-head and raced at Nottingham City Regatta. It looked like the first men would go up two or three, but on the third day they held it up early with overlap, resulting in them being bumped by the crew behind, resulting in them staying level in 6th.
  • The women had some exciting rowovers before bumping Clare in the gut, rising to fifth, their new highest position in Mays.
  • The second women bladed
  • The second men went up one. The first time they had gone up in the Mays since 2007.
  • As a result of the set of strong novice results, Small Boats Regatta and strong results in the Mays the club won the Michell Club this Year.
  • The four male trialists raced as Goldie in the Prince Albert Cup, the university coxed four competition at Henley Royal Regatta. They lost on the Friday by a ⅓ of a length to a crew that set the new record in the Prince Albert Cup.

Plans for the Future:

  • We are fundraising money towards a new Women’s eight. We are looking to purchase an Empacher for them. This will allow us to give Denys Lawrence, the current second women’s boat to the lower boats.
  • We will continue our sponsorship with Cantab Capital.
  • We have a new lightweight trailer that will make trailering much easier, as we no longer require drivers to have a special licence. We lack a suitable tow-vehicle, and would welcome any help to allow us to tow more easily!
  • We are planning to work more closely with the Alumni Relations office to help us better engage with past members of First and Third so they can better support the boat club through either coaching or donations.
  • We are going to update our Facebook page and the website to provide more frequent updates to bufties interested in following the boat club’s fortunes more closely.


The greatest challenge the club faces in the coming year is securing good coaching at all levels of the club. If this is not solved then it will be impossible for the club to achieve success. The club is very short of coaches, and desperately needs more bufties to help coach.

Good coaches are the lifeblood of any rowing club and without a strong coaching infrastructure there will be no way for First and Third to achieve good results. In the past decade the club has been incredibly fortunate to have a few people (some of whom I have already mentioned) who have devoted untold hours towards coaching at all levels of the club. Without these people there is no way that First and Third would have been able to achieve any of the success of the past ten years. However, these coaching arrangements are unsustainable; without greater alumni coaching involvement the club will struggle to maintain good coaching. I would like to put out a call for coaches. Agreeing to coach for a single week or weekend would be a massive help to First and Third. We can provide accommodation in a Fellow’s guest room for up to four nights as well as in student guest rooms.

If you have the time, coaching is a great way of helping First and Third. Being around to coach for just a week or a few weekends would provide a massive boost to the club, so please could you get in contact if you, or anyone you know might be able to help.

We are delighted to announce that the Club is now working collaboratively with the Alumni Relations and Development Office to bring you a more cohesive communication plan. This also means that for those who currently support or wish to support the College’s fundraising efforts, you can aim your gifts directly to the Boat Club. Further details will be sent later this year.

I look forward to meeting you and celebrating our success over the coming year.

Rah, Rah, First and Third!

Matthew Griffiths – Men’s and Overall Captain


Rachel Grewcock – Women’s Captain


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