January Newsletter 2016

Over 100 recipients of student awards attended a drinks reception in the Master’s Lodge last week. The reception was organised to underline the importance of funding for current students. To read more about why such support is critical to Trinity’s future, please click here.

The TAMA (Trinity Arts & Media Association) ‘Insights Meeting’ is taking place in College on Wednesday 10 February from 7pm. This event is aimed at giving current students a feel for the current challenges in the media. The speakers will be Executive Director of Bloomsbury Publishing, Richard Charkin (1967), Production Editor for The Times, Mark Shillam (1979), Creative Director at Endemol, Richard Osman (1989), and Writer and Director, Guy Jenkin (1975).

Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald (e2002) Dr Anthony Pickles (e2013) will be presenting talks at the Royal Society in the next of the series of Fellows’ London Research Talks on Thursday 25 February, 6pm – 9pm. Tickets cost £18 per person.


Brian Lowe came up to Trinity in October 1931 to study Law. On Saturday, from the warmth of New South Wales, Mr Lowe, 102, had his MA conferred – a little later than most Cambridge graduates. Read: http://bit.ly/1nAfWJF.

Prof Judith Driscoll (e2005), together with an international team of collaborators, develops a new electrolyte material that helps solid oxide fuel cells operate more efficiently and cheaply than those using conventional materials. Read: http://bit.ly/1PIFquD.

‘Cambridge will be underwater if we don’t tackle climate change’, says Dr Hugh Hunt (e1990). Read: http://bit.ly/1OHXfKz.

Anthony Lane (1981) on ‘David Bowie in the Movies’ in The New Yorker. Read: http://bit.ly/1nq644J

Dr Emily Shuckburgh (1994) awarded an OBE in the New Year’s Honours List for services to science and public communication of science.

Professor Stephen Smye (1976) has been awarded an OBE in the New Year’s Honours List for services to health research.

Interview with Eddie Redmayne (2000) in The Telegraph. Read: http://bit.ly/1KcKefo

‘Decoding the Earth’s chemical secrets reaps rewards’. Profile of Fellow, Dr John Rudge (1999). Read: http://bit.ly/239X8RI.

Bee Wilson (1992) has published ‘First Bite’, a book that examines the forces that shape our eating habits.

Interview with novelist Jonathan Coe (1980) in the FT. Read (subscription required): http://on.ft.com/1OZKATg

Prof Daniel Wolpert FRS (e2005) comments on why human brains are large and complex compared to other species. Read: http://huff.to/1N4fIz0.

Dr Cameron Petrie (e2011) comments on the sequencing of DNA from four skeletons discovered in the bronze age Indian town of Rakhigarhi. Read: http://bit.ly/1PNsO8g.

Profile of Dr Fiona Godlee (1983), Editor of the BMJ. Read:http://bit.ly/1OwBOiV.

Professor Sir David MacKay (1985) knighted in the New Year’s Honours List for services to scientific advice in government and science outreach. Read: http://www.trin.cam.ac.uk/news/trinity-awards-and-honours

“Possibly the most nervous I’ve ever been”: Sir Tim Gowers on Trinity’s University Challenge win. Food writer Bee Wilson (1992), mathematician Sir Tim Gowers (1992), BBC science producer Zoe Heron (1990), and Sky News journalist, Faisal Islam (1995), made up the winning team. Read: http://bit.ly/1Td1scg.

Senior Tutor Professor Catherine Barnard (1996) is appealing to EU migrants in the UK to participate in research to help inform public debate ahead of the referendum on EU membership. Read: http://bit.ly/23vyLy3.

Professor Ross Anderson FRS (1974) comments on the true cost of cybercrime. Read: http://bit.ly/1Sdjlej.

Review of the John Dee (e1546) exhibition ‘Scholar, courtier, magician: the lost library of John Dee’ in The Spectator. Read: http://bit.ly/1lW7X88.

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen (e1995) and Lord Rees (1960) comment on scientific breakthroughs in 2015. Read: http://ind.pn/1ORruRB