March Newsletter 2017


On 9 March, the Trinity Women’s Network celebrated International Women’s Day with a ‘Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)’, event in London. Speakers included Clare Wildfire (1983) and Dr Amanda Talhat (2006), alongside Trinity Fellow Professor Valerie Gibson (e1994), Head of the High Energy Physics Research Group at the Cavendish Laboratory. Between them, they discussed career inspirations and where they thought the next ‘big discovery’ in STEM might emerge from.

Following on from this on 16 March, Trinity hosted a documentary screening and panel discussion about gender equality at the Winstanley Theatre. TCSU Women’s Officer for 2016, Raniyah Qureshi (2014), and Trinity FemSoc President, Beth Cloughton (2014), were in conversation with alumna Su-Mei Thompson (1984), CEO of The Women’s Foundation in Hong Kong, which commissioned She Objects, a documentary against gender stereotyping.

The Great Court Circle event on April 1 welcomed more than 150 alumni into College to thank them for their intention to remember Trinity in their will. If you would like more information about The Great Court Circle, or on becoming a legator, please contact Dr Andrew Bernadski (


What’s it like to win the Cambridge University Women’s Boat Race? Trinity’s Imogen Grant (2014) reveals the highs (virtually no lows!), and what’s next for her rowing career. Not forgetting her medical studies of course…

Trinity Fellow, Dr Joe Moshenska’s experimental biography of Sir Kenelm Digby, 17th-century adventurer and polymath, is shortlisted for the James Tait Black Prize for biography. Edinburgh academics and postgraduate students create the shortlist for the oldest literary awards in the UK.

The 2017 Trinity College Telephone Campaign is underway!

Trinity Fellow Professor Rebecca Fitzgerald (e2002) discusses her hopes for her ‘pill on a string’ to detect early signs of cancer, which is entering its third clinical trial. Listen to the interview on BBC Radio 4’s PM with Eddie Mair  and read more:

Professor Venki Ramakrishnan (e2008) came to the UK 18 years ago to pursue his research at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge. He received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on ribosomes, and was knighted in 2012. In 2015 he was elected President of the Royal Society. Here he charts a path for the UK to retain its leading role in science and technology.

Research led by Professor Alan Short (1974) shows that building design is in crisis and reinvention is required for architecture and design of skyscrapers and major public buildings.

Meet the 2017-18 committee of Trinity College Students’ Union – and read about their motivation, inspiration, the experience they bring to their roles, and their aims for the year ahead.

Congratulations to Tim King (1980), the cryptic crossword setter who publishes as Encota, for his Listener Crossword published recently in The Times. The Listener, badged by some as ‘the hardest cryptic crossword in the world’, published Encota’s puzzle ‘Forgotten Middle Rows’ themed around the author Iain Banks and published in the week of the anniversary of Banks’ birth.

James Morgan (1988) and Juliette Pochin (1990) produced the Dame Vera Lynn album 100, out now on Decca. Using new audio techniques, they were able to extract Dame Vera’s vocal from her old post-war mono recordings, and create new orchestral arrangements and duets with – among others – Alexander Armstrong (1989).

Umar Saif (1998) has won the Professional Achievement Award at this year’s British Council Awards in Pakistan.

Congratulations to Yining Nie (2011), who has been awarded the 2017-2019 Bloch Fellowship (the highest student honour) by the Linguistic Society of America.

Trinity’s new Post-Doctoral Society is off to a flying start with 80 members signing up for talks, dinners, and the use of an exclusive lounge in the heart of Cambridge. Read about the committee’s plans for Cambridge’s newest Society for post-doctoral researchers.