May Newsletter 2017

The University of Waterloo has honoured a pre-eminent Trinity mathematician and wartime code-breaker, naming the street that runs between its mathematics buildings after William (Bill) Tutte (1935). Tutte’s work at Bletchley Park, Britain’s top-secret code-breaking organisation, helped change the course of the Second World War and has been called “the greatest intellectual feat” of the War. Tutte came to Bletchley Park in 1941. Unlike the better-known decoders of the famous Enigma machine, Tutte did not have a machine to work with. Instead, using only samples of coded messages, he managed to deduce how such a machine would work and what it would look like. He then went on to describe how to crack the codes the machine produced, developing algorithms so complex that Bletchley engineers built Colossus, widely considered to be the first electronic computer, to execute Tutte’s algorithms. Cracking the Lorenz code helped changed the course of the war because the Lorenz machine was the one Hitler used to send messages to his top generals in the field. Tutte’s work helped turn the Battle of Kursk, powered the D-Day landings, and likely shortened the Second World War.

Nearly 100 people attended the panel discussion, “Women Making Waves”, which explored the gamut of women’s experience in education, from school and university, through career progression as teachers or academics, to balancing professional and home life in a leadership role. Read the event review here:

“How do we fix our 21st century economy? Look to Darwin”. An article by Professor Robert Neild (1943).

Further coverage of Professor Ross Anderson (1974), discussing the recent cyber-attack on the NHS and other computing systems worldwide. 

Further coverage of research team led by Professor Greg Hannon (e2016) being awarded funding to develop an interactive virtual-reality map of breast cancers.

Study carried out by Professor Catherine Barnard (e1996) and Dr Amy Ludlow (2005) found that people want full single market access with no free movement or payment to the EU. 

Dr Joe Moshenska (e2010) discusses Milton’s poem Paradise Lost on BBC Radio 3 (starts at 3m 11s).

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen (e1995) comments on adults with autism managing parenthood.

Congratulations to Professor Sarah Worthington (e2011) who has been appointed a Deputy High Court Judge.

Anthony Lane (1981) reviews Alien: Covenant in The New Yorker


TBCA Distinguished Speaker Series, Sir Peter Bazalgette (Chairman of ITV), Wednesday 28 June – Hear one of the most influential people in television, Sir Peter Bazalgette, present a talk entitled “Game-changing the Business of Television”. Open to all alumni. Tickets available online.

TCCA Gathering, Saturday 1 July – Join the Trinity College Choir Association for their annual gathering in College. Tickets available online.

Trinity College Choir, Canadian Tour, JulyTickets and more information.

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