October Newsletter 2016

On Thursday 17 November, the Fellows’ London Research Talks this time focus on physics and literature, featuring Dr Eric Lauga (e2013) and Dr Clare Walker Gore (e2016). Clare’s research into representations of disability in 19th century literature will inform her talk on “Plotting Disability in the Nineteenth Century Novel”, while Eric – an applied mathematician working in classical physics – will present on “Tales of Tiny Tails”. That is to say the physics of swimming microorganisms, the flow of complex fluids and small-scale hydrodynamics. We hope you can join us. Tickets are bookable online.

The next event in the TBCA’s Distinguished Speaker Series will take place on Wednesday 23 November at Gresham College, London. The speaker is David Abraham, Chief Executive of Channel 4 Television, who will discuss what it takes to nurture originality and creativity; taking risks; and the future of television. The talk will be followed by a drinks reception. Booking is available online.

The Alumni Carol Service will take place at St Sepulchre’s in London on Monday 5 December from 7pm. Booking is available online.

Jo Miles (e1999), Director of Studies and Fellow in Law, will be in Auckland, NZ on Saturday 10 December and Melbourne, Australia on Tuesday 13 December when she hopes to have the opportunity to meet alumni for a drink in a central location. Further details will follow accordingly but for the time being please note the dates in your diary.


Singaporean Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong (1971), attends Trinity reunion with more than 50 alumni alongside Master, Sir Gregory Winter (1970), on Wednesday 19 October. https://www.trin.cam.ac.uk/alumni/past-alumni-events/trinity-reception-dinner-with-mr-lee-hsien-loong-1971-prime-minister-of-singapore/

A new collaboration between Felixstowe Academy, Trinity College Cambridge and Cambridge University’s NRICH project will build the mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills of hundreds of secondary school students. https://www.trin.cam.ac.uk/news/maths-matters-felixstowe-academy-and-trinity-join-forces/

Trinity Fellow Dr Hugh Hunt (e1990) and Cambridge engineering students have recreated John Logie Baird’s cumbersome ‘flying spot’ camera for a documentary about the first live scheduled BBC television broadcast on 2 November 1936. https://www.trin.cam.ac.uk/news/re-enacting-the-first-night-of-television-80-years-on/.

Bee Wilson (1992) addresses “clean eating”. http://bit.ly/2fvK1Kn

A new exhibition of letters and personal effects of Trinity alumnus Frederick Pethick-Lawrence (1897) and his wife Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence charts their role in the women’s suffrage movement in early twentieth-century Britain. https://www.trin.cam.ac.uk/news/wren-library-chart-suffrage-couples-campaign/

Article on the discovery of the first exoplanet by Professor Didier Queloz (e2013). http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20161019-the-first-planet-around-another-star

Professor Huw Price (e2011) discusses the future of AI ahead of tomorrow’s launch of the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence. http://bit.ly/2eqgkX0

Professor Valerie Gibson (e1994) has received a Royal Society award for her activities to increase and advance women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). https://www.trin.cam.ac.uk/news/valerie-gibson-receives-royal-society-athena-accolade/

A study led by Professor Sadaf Farooqi (1995) finds that people who carry variants in a particular gene have an increased preference for high-fat food, but a decreased preference for sugary foods. 

Former Master Sir Michael Atiyah’s (1949) ‘Imaginative State of Mind’. http://bit.ly/1nkLu5c

Ruth Maclennan’s (1987) film, Hero City, was premiered at the 60th London International Film Festival on 7 October. http://www.lux.org.uk/collection/artists/ruth-maclennan.

Anthony Lane (1981) reviews Hacksaw Ridge in The New Yorker. http://bit.ly/2fmabA3

Former Master, Professor Sir Amartya Sen (1953) delivered the annual Philip Gamble Memorial Lecture at the University of Massachusetts Amherst on October 20. http://bit.ly/2eT6ttk.

On Friday 21 October, College Council elected Professor Stephen Toope (1983), an alumnus of Trinity College, as an Honorary Fellow with immediate effect. Professor Toope joins more than 30 Honorary Fellows at Trinity, including Reverend Justin Welby (1974), Professor Sir Peter Lachmann (1950), Judge Hisashi Owada (1955), Sir Antony Gormley (1968), and Lord Broers (e1999) of Cambridge.