September Newsletter 2015

This year’s TrinTalk: Above & Beyond exceeded our expectations, so a huge thank you to all who attended, and in particular to our wonderful speakers: Harvey Reall (e2007), Zoe Heron (1990), Barney Pell (1989), Cameron Richardson-Eames (2011), Lord Rees (1960) and Lars Blackmore (1999).

At its peak, our online broadcast had over simultaneous 350 viewers from 31 countries. Videos of the talks are now available on our youtube channel, so please let us know your feedback. (Please note that Lars’ talk is not featured due to the sensitive nature of his work with SpaceX)

The Fellows’ International Research Talks programme moves to Washington D.C. on Wednesday 14 October. The evening will begin at 6pm at The City Tavern Club, featuring talks by Dr Richard Serjeantson (1993) on ‘How to Handle Religious Violence’ and Dr Nick Hardy (e2012) on ‘The King James Bible and the Greek Old Testament’. Tickets cost $20 and are available to book online here.

On 22 October in New York City, Professor Amartya Sen (1953) will be in conversation with Liaquat Ahamed (1971) at the JP Morgan Library from 6pm-8pm. Tickets will cost $20.00 and online booking is available here.

On the same evening at the Royal College of Surgeons, London, the Trinity Medics Association will hold drinks and a lecture given by Mr Stephen Large, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, on ‘Life After Death’. Tickets cost £15.00 and are available here.

The next Fellows’ London Research Talks will be held at the Royal Institution of Great Britain on Thursday 12 November from 6pm. Registration is available online here. We strongly recommend booking as soon as possible as the last FLRT sold out in just 3 hours.

Following the success of the Trinity Golf Day in York, we are offering members the opportunity to play at Royal Worlington, Cambridgeshire, on 24 June 2016. If you are interested in playing in this match or on other occasions please email Mary (


In College, the portrait of Elizabeth I by Marcus Gheeraerts is soon to reign in Hall while Henry visits the Fitzwilliam Museum for a much-needed rest. View:

Nicholas Coleridge CBE (1976) has been appointed Chairman of the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Documentary looking at Gordon Welchman (1925), a codebreaker who was crucial to the allies defeating the Nazis in WWII. Watch (UK residents only):

Dr Sachiko Kusukawa (1986) has been appointed Honorary Professor of History of Science by the University of Cambridge.

Professor Thalia Eley (1989) on the Twins Early Development Study, which turns 20 this year. Watch:

Sir Nicholas Stadlen QC (1968) on Bram Fischer. Listen (UK residents only):

Review of ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’ based on the life on Srinivasa Ramanujan (1914). Read:

Dr Bee Wilson’s (1992) ‘Welcome to the New Ice Age’, an article on the refrigerator. Read (subscription only):

Professor Morris Brown (1968) leads a team of researchers that finds treatment for hypertension is more effective if two medicines are administered rather than one. Read:

Professor David Runciman (1985) answers questions about UK politics, voting, and the ‘Election’ podcast. Read:

Dr Craig Wrigley (1977) has been made Visiting Professor in Systems Engineering at Loughborough University.

Anthony Lane (1981) reviews ‘Everest’ and ‘Black Mass’. Read:

Isha Sesay (1994) is the new anchor of CNN Newsroom Live.

Profile of Presidential candidate, Lawrence Lessig (1983). Read:

Brian Davidson (1982), the current British Consul General to Shanghai, has been appointed Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Thailand. Read:

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby (1974), offers cottage to Syrian refugees. Read:

Lord Rees (1960) on ‘A Post-Human World’. Read:

Review of Stephen Frears’ (1960) ‘The Program’, a biopic of Lance Armstrong. Read:

Professor Ross Anderson (1974), comments on research that suggests a 1,200-year-old hacking technique can be used to crack modern encryptions. Read:

Dr John Avery Jones CBE (1959) is one of the first winners of the IBFD Frans Vanistendael Award for International Tax Law. Read:

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