Season’s Greetings 2020

The Alumni Relations and Development Office at Trinity College is grateful for the generous support of so many of our wonderful alumni, Fellows, staff and students in the making of this video. While we are saddened not to be able to host our usual traditional alumni carol service in London, we do hope that these seasonal messages and performances bring a moment of festive cheer to all.

Special thanks

A visit from St Nicholas

Andrew Walker (1987)

Mara Lawrenson (2018)

Emma Widdis (e1998)

Douglas Paine (2000)

Matthew Sargent (2018)

Adrian Poole (1967)

Saachi Sen (2013)

Ishbel Russell (2018)

Catherine Barnard (e1996)

Serena Cole (2019)

Rachel Bennett (1997)

Brandon Lino (2018)

Steven Archer (Sub-Librarian)

Alice Penney (1984)


Arranged by Marcus Barcham Stevens

Marcus Barcham Stevens (1993, Clare) – violin

Christina Lawrie (1996) – piano

Trinity College Choir Association

Bethany Partridge (2011)

Kate Ashby (2000)

Lucy Cronin (2007)

Susanna Hill (2015)

Eleanor Lancelot

Helen Charlston (2011)

Guy James

Giverny McAndry

Tom Dupernex (2000)

Andrew Tortise (1999)

Declan Costello

Michael Craddock

Laurence Williams (2009)

Ian Lyon (1982)

Peter Mankarious

Adam Stockbridge

Tom Daley

Alexander Hamilton (2015)

Michael Waldron (2006)


Dame Sally Davies, Master of Trinity College (e2019)

John Summers, Chaplain

Olga Fabrikant-Burke, Chaplain

Dr Michael Banner, Dean of Chapel and Chair of Alumni Relations and Development (e2006)


Ludvig Brekke (2019)

Martin Kendrick, Knight Classical

St Mark’s Church, London