Trinity Alumni Interviews

During the summer of 2020 we launched a series of conversations with alumni to hear their memories of Trinity and catch up on what they’ve done since leaving. Click the links below to find out more.

Nick Wong (History, 2014)

Nick Wong


My heart was set on Trinity ever since that first moment I walked through the Great Gate.’

Nick studied History in 2014 and a PGCE in 2017, and came to Trinity from London. Alongside his studies, Nick filled his time with music and outreach activities, and is now a History teacher in West London.

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Avalon Lee-Bacon (History of Art, 2009)

‘The May Ball – I think that’s a highlight for everybody, but having a role in helping to shape it and organise it was the most phenomenal experience.’

Avalon matriculated in 2009, reading History of Art, and stayed on for an MPhil in the same subject, graduating in 2013. She was part of the May Ball Committee during her undergrad, and while she started her career in cultural communications, now works for an executive search firm in London.

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Mary Wang (Economics, 2009)

‘For me having that network of Cantabs after University has been so useful, not just for my career but also for my own wellbeing.’

Mary read Economics at Trinity, was part of the May Ball Committee and also played Badminton for the University. She now works in investment banking.

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Mike Waldron (Music, 2006)

‘Once I was at University, and at Trinity, and reading Music, there was absolutely no way I could have possibly conceived of reading anything else.’

Mike grew up just outside Manchester, in Cheshire. He came to Trinity in 2006 to read Music and stayed on to read a BMus in 2009. He was also Organ Scholar during those four years, the first under Director of Music Stephen Layton (e2006). He is now a conductor and musician based in London.

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Peter Cui (Economics, 2004)

Peter Cui


‘I found that, when I had difficult periods through my studies, my friends always came through for me. Having those friendships, and being able to stay in touch, is really crucial.’

Peter came to Cambridge to read Economics at Trinity. He was heavily involved with the Cambridge Union, and has since been building a career in investment banking.

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Alex Michaelides (English, 1996)


‘I pretty much lived at the ADC Theatre. I think in my last year Adrian took me aside and told me to stop being in plays and start doing some essays.’

Alex grew up in Cyprus, and came to Trinity to study English in 1996. His interests outside his subject were mostly focused on theatre, which led him into a career in screenwriting. He is now a novelist.

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Julian Huppert (Natural Sciences, 1996)


‘You won’t be the expert in that thing that everyone else is, but they already know that. You can be the one who is different.’

Julian studied for an MA in Natural Sciences, as well as a PhD in Biological Sciences, at Trinity. He grew up locally, in Cambridgeshire, and was Member of Parliament for Cambridge between 2010 and 2015. He now runs the Intellectual Forum, an interdisciplinary centre based at Jesus College, Cambridge.

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Sally March (History, 1996)

Sally March

‘Trinity is so big that you can easily find your niche – and if you don’t find it at Trinity, there’s a whole University of 10,000 students – you’ll definitely find people to connect with if you want to!’

Sally came to Trinity from Dorset, the first person in her family to attend university. She read History and also completed a MPhil in Classics. Since graduating, she has stayed local in Cambridge, working in the Alumni & Development Office at Pembroke College.

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Chi Lee (Computer Science, 1996)

Chi Lee‘There’s something particularly special about how Colleges were designed which is the sense of community, and the way that you don’t leave that community when you leave the College.’

Chi read Computer Science at Trinity, and has spent most of his career working in finance and investment, finding opportunities to apply his Computer Science knowledge in a different field. More recently he has started his own company, FountainArc, using his computing skills more directly.

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Emily Murray (English, 1996)

‘One day we decided to visit Cambridge, and I fell in love with the city, and the opportunity to make it my own, in a way – Oxford was my mum and dad’s city, and Cambridge could be mine.’

Emily grew up in Edinburgh, and read English at Trinity. She made the most of the different sporting opportunities in Cambridge, particularly rowing in the First and Third W1 boat. She began her career in advertising and journalism, and now runs an interior design blog, Pink House Living.

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Euan Murray (Natural Sciences, 1995)

Euan Murray

‘From that early part of my career in consulting and financial services, I did what everyone at the time thought was completely crazy – I quit my job to go and try to save the world.’

Euan came to Trinity to read Natural Sciences after growing up on a sheep and beef farm in Scotland. He was heavily involved with rugby at College, as well as other sports. Euan began his career in consulting and finance, but is now focused on climate change and sustainability.

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Gavin Gordon (Law, 1993)

Gavin Gordon


‘The memories really that I have are especially about the people. It’s friendships that you developed.’

Gavin read Law at Trinity, and has since carved out a career working as a solicitor. He is now a partner in an American law firm.

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Helen Beedham (Modern & Medieval Languages, 1991)


I had a bit of an unusual route to Trinity – I was initially unsuccessful in applying to Cambridge.’

After a gap year in France, Helen came to Trinity to study French and Spanish, spending her year abroad in Madrid. After graduating, she began working in the City, and is now a self-employed writer, speaker, and advisor with a focus on inclusivity within workplaces.

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