Any member of Trinity College who has fulfilled the appropriate examinations and residence requirements may proceed at Congregation. The Congregation of the Regent House is one of the oldest traditions in the University and its origins go back nearly 800 years.

Although Congregations are held throughout the year, the Congregation held in late June is set aside for “General Admission”, when most undergraduates proceed to their first degree at the end of their final term.

Those unable to take their degree in person can proceed in absentia (in absence) when their name will be read out and the certificate sent on after the ceremony. Otherwise, a different Congregation can be attended. A degree is not officially awarded until it has been conferred either in person or in absence at a Congregation of the Regent House. Degree certificates will only be issued after the degree has been conferred.

The College Praelector, Mr Nicholas Denyer, is responsible for presenting students at Congregations when they receive their degrees. The conferment of each degree is still an act of the whole University, approved by the “Grace of the Regent House”, that is by a resolution of the governing body. Graduands are presented one by one to the Vice-Chancellor of the University, or a deputy, in the presence of the Proctors who are the elected representatives of the Regent House.

The University provides more information on Cambridge Degree Ceremonies. []

Trinity will not put forward anyone for graduation who has not settled their College and University bills.

General Admission

Undergraduate Degrees (including those with integrated master’s degree) – Wednesday 27 June 2018
Please note: from 2018 it is no longer possible to be presented for the LL.M. degree at General Admission. This degree can only be conferred at an Ordinary Congregation
Trinity undergraduates eligible to receive a degree at General Admission at the end of this academic year will graduate on Wednesday 27 June 2018

Other Congregation Dates

Students or Alumni who are eligible to receive degrees may do so on the following dates.

TermDate of CeremonyTime of CeremonyClosing Date for applications
Michaelmas Term 201721 October 201711.00 a.m.29 September 2017
Michaelmas Term 201725 November 20172.00 p.m.04 November 2017
Lent Term 201827 January 20182.00 p.m.05 January 2018
Lent Term 201824 February 20182.00 p.m.02 February 2018
Lent Term 201824 March 2018 (in absence only)09 March 2018
Easter Term 201828 April 201811.00 a.m.06 April 2018
Easter Term 201819 May 2018 (main event for new MAs)10.00 a.m.27 April 2018
Long Vacation 2018Friday 20 July 201810.00 a.m.30 June 2018

Timetable and Arrangements

If you are going to be in Cambridge on the evening before degree day, the College would be delighted if you would dine on the High Table as the guest of the Praelector, and take wine in the Combination Room. A detailed invitation will be sent along with the other information concerning the arrangements about the degree ceremony.

All graduands must meet with the Praelector in the College, for final instructions, before processing to the Senate House together, whether or not they choose to attend the lunch which is usually held at about 12.15pm. The timetable on the Congregation day varies, depending on the time of year. Lunch will be provided either before or after the Ceremony and will be free of charge for you and your guests who have Senate House tickets.

If you require a room overnight please contact the Accommodation Office directly on 01223 338414. Please note, there are a limited number of rooms available to hire and availability is not guaranteed.

Graduating for MA and Higher Degrees

Any student who graduated with a BA is entitled to take the Master of Arts Degree, six years and one term after they matriculated, provided that at least two years have passed since their BA Degree was awarded. The MA can be taken in person or in absence on one of the Congregation dates listed.  Anyone taking a higher degree should check with the Praelector’s Assistant ( ) for the precise arrangements that apply to their specific circumstances.

If you are a Graduate student you will know that you cannot take your degree until the Board of Graduate Studies Committee has officially approved you, even if you have been told informally that you have passed. You are advised to discuss with the Course Director, or Graduate Administrator at your Department, which Ceremony date would be most suitable for you. You can ask to be added provisionally to a Congregation before the Board of Graduate Studies approval is granted. Arrangements can be made by contacting the Praelector’s Assistant ( five weeks before the Congregation or book via CamSIS Self-Service pages.

The Board of Graduate Studies Committee meets monthly during the academic year. If the date of the Committee Meeting is very close to your chosen Degree Ceremony, it may be necessary for you to apply to graduate before you have received formal approval for the degree. Candidates can be withdrawn from the graduation list at any time, but cannot be added after the University deadline.

Master of Mathematics (M.Math): A student who has obtained Honours in Part III of the Mathematical Tripos shall be entitled to proceed to the M.Math Degree.

Master of Advanced Study (M.A.St.): A student who, without being a candidate for Honours, has passed the examination for Part III of the Mathematical Tripos shall be entitled to proceed to the M.A.St. degree.

How to Register for a Congregation

If you think that you are eligible for an M.A. but have not been contacted, or if you took your B.A. many years ago and decide now that you need the M.A., please contact the Praelector’s Office on 01223 338404 or

Graduation for Ph.D., M.Phil., MBA, M.B., M.Math and MASt is not automatic and you must formally apply for the ceremony of your choice once your degree has been approved.

Applications for higher degrees from current students can be made on CamSIS self-service pages, and from Alumni can be made via the CAMSIS ESS (Extended Self Service) pages.

Also, please use the following form and return it to the Praelector’s Assistant (at least 5 weeks in advance). If you wish to receive your degree in absence, a signed “Request to Proceed to a Degree Form” confirming the address to which the degree certificate should be sent *must* be completed and sent to the Praelector’s Assistant.

Once an application has been made, further details will be sent/emailed to you nearer to your chosen ceremony date. If you apply for the degree in absence, the degree certificate will be sent to you shortly after the ceremony date.