Student Welfare


All students at Trinity, both undergraduates and graduates, are assigned a Tutor who is responsible for their general welfare and is the first port of call for help and advice relating to the College. The Tutors have responsibility for a ‘Tutorial Side’, which is identified by a letter of the alphabet. Undergraduate students are allocated to tutors whose own teaching and research is in a different subject area to their own. All undergraduates at Trinity are also assigned to a Director of Studies, who is responsible for advising them on their studies and for arranging supervisions.

All Tutors have daily tutorial hours during which they are available in College to see their students. The role of the Tutor is to provide all-round support and guidance on any aspect of student life; student welfare, financial worries, health issues or maybe to respond with enthusiasm and encouragement to an extra-curricular activity you might be planning and possibly tip you off about funding opportunities.

Tutors are a student’s main point of contact with the College on many issues, and listed below are some of the ways in which they regularly provide help:

  • Introducing and welcoming new students to Cambridge and College life.
  • Meeting students as a group at the start of each term to issue notices and individually at the end of term to review progress.
  • Contact for all health matters and problems
  • Providing a link with GPs, hospitals, counsellors.
  • Provision of advice on financial issues – budgeting, hardship, delayed loan payments, funding.
  • Examinations – special arrangements for examinations, appeals/complaints.
  • Change of course, intermission, disregarding terms.
  • Advice on study methods and support in the event of difficulties with courses or supervisors.
  • Provision of references.

Adviser for Women Students

Women students at Trinity are further supported by the Advisor for Women Students, who is a female fellow of the College. Her role is to support the Tutors, and to be available to any female student of the College, whether undergraduate or graduate.

College Nurse

A College Nurse is available to offer help and advice on any health-related issue to all members of the College.


As well as being responsible for providing appropriate pastoral care, Trinity’s two Chaplains also play a role in supporting the welfare of members of the College.

College Counsellor

The College provides a confidential counselling service for all undergraduate and postgraduate students. Counselling offers an opportunity to talk about personal issues in a private and relaxed setting with someone who plays no other role in your college life.

Mental Health Advisor

Trinity engages a Mental Health Advisor who offers offers specialist support, information and advice to students experiencing any issue related to mental health.

Further information about Trinity’s welfare team, including contact details, is available to members of College via the MyTrin Login at the top of this page.