Senior Research Fellowships

Trinity’s Senior Research Fellows are regarded as being of academic standing comparable to that of a distinguished research fellowship at a major university, and they are expected to have a correspondingly distinguished record of achievement in research.

The primary duty of a Senior Research Fellow is to engage in the systematic pursuit of some branch of university studies in a way that is likely to make contributions of high value to the subject studied.

Fellows are members of the Governing Body of the College and may be invited to serve on College committees.

Senior Research Fellows are required to reside in the University for the greater part of each term unless excused by the Council. Permission to be absent from the University for one term in seven is routinely given, but the Council may on application also allow a Fellow to work away from Cambridge for a longer period if his or her research particularly requires it. Senior Research Fellows may undertake other commitments, subject to discharging the obligations of their Fellowship to the satisfaction of the Council.

Senior Research Fellowships can be held until the retirement age (currently 67), but there is a statutory requirement that continuation of tenure after each period of not more than five years is subject to the Council’s being satisfied that the Fellow is continuing to make contributions of high value to his or her subject of study.

The stipends of Senior Research Fellows not receiving regular remuneration from other sources are paid on the assumption that the Fellow is engaged whole-time on the research for which he or she was elected. They fall within the scale of stipends paid by Cambridge University to holders of University Professorships.

Should a Senior Research Fellow receive regular remuneration from other sources, the College may adjust the stipend.

The College may make grants towards expenses incurred by Fellows in the course of their research work, and may offer other benefits. If any Senior Research Fellowships are currently available, they will be advertised on the College’s Vacancies page.