The Richard Marlow Fund

Whilst Director of Music at Trinity between 1982 and 2006, Richard Marlow led Trinity College Choir on tours around the world: to countries with a choral tradition, but also to countries where choral music is not widely heard.

Thanks to the musical legacy and international renown of the Choir inherited from Richard, the Choir is now regularly able to perform in countries such as the USA, Canada, Germany and Australia where there are established promoters for choral performances.  These promoters (especially in the USA and Australia) have budgets to cover the costs of the Choir’s international travel.  However, in recent years, it has not been possible to take the Choir into the heartland of different musical cultures, as Richard memorably did with his final international tour to Peru.

The Richard Marlow Fund has been established in Richard’s honour to support international touring by the Choir to take British choral music to countries and places where it would be difficult to perform without such support.  By travelling to places such as South Africa, India and South America, the Choir can act as an ambassador not only for British music but also for Trinity College and the wider University.

It is envisaged that a central part of these tours would be outreach activities, working with children for whom singing is a natural part of their culture but who have not had the opportunity to hear choral music at a high level.  These tours would also provide unforgettable life experiences for the student members of the Choir, something Richard felt passionately about.

Thank you.