Wireless Network Coverage

The Trinity College Wireless Network provides access to the Trinity (TC-WLAN) and eduroam service in communal rooms. The wireless service is available across the college site, however the following areas are still under review:

  • Great Court
  • King’s Hostel

The eduroam service allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across the University and when visiting participating institutions by simply opening their laptop. Recommended for College members.

  • Information on how to setup your computer to use the eduroam service  .
  • Information on how to setup your computer to use the TC-WLAN.

Why can’t I buy my own access point to use wireless in my room?

The use of any network equipment not provided by the computer office is banned under the Terms and Conditions of the TCDN. The rules governing the colleges use of the CUDN state that all IP addresses must be registered to its end user. However most wireless devices can hand out IP addresses without registration to there users. This is not acceptable on the TCDN or CUDN.