Connecting to the Wireless Network

Connection to the Trinity College Wireless Network (TC-WLAN) will require three basic elements:

  1. Your device will need to be capable of connecting to a wireless network. Most laptops and mobile devices have wireless capabilities built in. Otherwise, you will need to install a wireless network adapter.
  2. Your device will need to be within range of a College wireless access point.
    You can view a list of locations where wireless is not fully available in Trinity College.
  3. A University Raven account.

If all elements are in place, your device should automatically detect the TC-WLAN. Follow these instructions to register your device for internet access:

  1. Connect to the TC-WLAN.
  2. When prompted, enter the WPA key. The WPA key must be entered exactly shown below:
  3. Try to go to a website outside the University (e.g.  ). You will be redirected to the TCDN Registration page.
    If you are not automatically redirected, navigate in a web browser to .
  4. Click on the Click here to log-in using Raven link.
  5. Enter your Raven username and password.
  6. Click on the Login > button.
  7. Follow the prompts, accepting the terms and conditions, etc., to register your device.

You will be required to go through the above process on each device you want to connect to the TC-WLAN.


We also provide eduroam in the same places we provide TC-WLAN. Details for connecting to eduroam can be found on the UIS pages