Atoms, Molecules and Bonds Vibrations Coupling to Light



Our next Trinity Research Talk will be given on Wednesday, 24 March, by Dr Rohit Chikkaraddy (e2018).

How can we see and manipulate quantum states of individual atoms, molecules and proteins with light?

Image representing research

This is the central theme of Dr Rohit Chikkaraddy’s research that encompasses a variety of fields from optics to material science to bio-photonics. Hailing from India, Rohit did a PhD in Physics at the Nanophotonics Centre, Cavendish Laboratory, where he is currently continuing research as a Junior Research Fellow.

During his PhD, he established new states of light-matter coupling by strongly mixing nanoscale-confined light with individual molecules at ambient conditions. He then went on to utilise this to probe lipid molecules in cell-membranes and single-bond vibrations in DNA origami. His current research focuses on manipulating the physical and chemical properties of matter to help understand complex quantum processes such as photosynthesis. In this talk, he will discuss the how and why of the vision of sustainable energy management using light-controlled nanoscale machinery for sensing and point-of-care diagnostics applications.


This event will be recorded.