A.A.Milne Adventure Day


Come and explore the Wild Wood and the Riverbank as the fantastically irrepressible Toad sets off on another crazy adventure on Sunday 10 July, 10am-4pm. Meet boat-loving Ratty, sensible yet curious Mole, wise old Badger and other residents as you explore the world that they inhabit and help to tell their story through, craft, drama and music.

Can I bring children?

Perfect for children and grandchildren aged 10 and under, with older siblings welcome to come along for the ride, the Trinity Family Day 2016 promises to be another fabulous A.A Milne Adventure.
Tickets are available online, (https://alumni.trin.cam.ac.uk/family-day), priced at £20 adults, £10 for children aged 2-12 and free under 2’s.


Having begun his career at the BBC, Sir John Tusa (1956) was a main presenter of “Newsnight”, and from 1986 to 1992 was Managing Director of BBC World Service, during which the foundations of BBC World Service Television were laid. He read History at Trinity, and was awarded a knighthood in June 2003.

Guest List

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10:00 am

Registration - Tea & Coffee Served

10:30 am

Drama, Music & Craft Workshops

12:00 pm

Lunch served in Nevile's Court - A chance to play and relax with storytelling and circus skills

2:30 pm

Toad of Toad Hall Performance by the Children

4:00 pm



The Wren Library was completed in 1695 under the Mastership of Isaac Barrow, who persuaded his friend Sir Christopher Wren to design it. The building work was carried out under the supervision of a local master mason, Robert Grumbold, who chose exterior stone with a pinkish tinge from a quarry in Rutland; the stone catches the evening sun quite beautifully.

The Library has exquisite classical proportions and maximises space and light having bookcases below window level. The first floor is decorated with limewood carving by Grinling Gibbons and furnished with a series of Roubiliac marble busts of College alumni, including naturalist John Ray and his friend Francis Willoughby, Richard Bentley, Francis Bacon and Sir Isaac Newton. At the far end of the library is a statue by Thorvaldsen of Lord Byron. This was originally intended for Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abbey, but was refused; Trinity was glad to accept it.

Manuscripts and printed books are kept in the Wren Library and there is also a modern library and reading room, which are not open to visitors. Some of the College’s most notable manuscripts are displayed in the Wren Library, including an eighth century copy of the Epistles of St Paul, John Milton’s shorter poems in his own handwriting and the original manuscript of Winnie-the-Pooh.

There is a virtual tour of the Wren Library Available Online