Fellows’ London Research Talks


The next set of Fellows’ London Research Talks, will feature Fellows’ Dr Eric Lauga (e2013) and Dr Claire Walker Gore (e2016).


I am an applied mathematician working in classical physics with a focus on fluid dynamics, biological physics, and soft matter physics. Problems of current interest include the physics of swimming microorganisms, the flow of complex fluids, and small-scale hydrodynamics.

I studied for my BA, MPhil and PhD at Selwyn college, Cambridge, completing my doctorate in 2015. And took up a Junior Research Fellowship at Trinity in July 2016. My work explores disability in the nineteenth-century novel.

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6:15 pm


6:45 pm

Talk with Dr Claire Walker Gore

7:45 pm

Drinks and Canapes

8:15 pm

Talk with Dr Eric Lauga

9:15 pm

Drinks and Canapes

10:00 pm




11 Cavendish Square, Marylebone, London W1G 0AN