Film showing: ‘Existential Risk’ – All welcome


Existential Risk is a film about the possibility of human extinction or civilizational collapse, as these questions are grappled with in Cambridge, England. A personal documentary in which the filmmaker’s own existential crisis (micro) is contrasted with planetary risk (macro).

I thought the allegorical blend of straight-up documentary and autobiography was unusual, but worked rather well as a means of humanising a subject which might otherwise seem too big to grasp. I also liked the way he presented Cambridge both as a place where radical change is unthinkable, and as the place thinking about exactly those changes.  Cambridge resident, John Aldridge

The film features: Martin Rees, David Cleevely, Shahar Avin, Huw Price, Heather Douglas, Hugh Hunt, Adrian Currie, Jane Heal, Stephen Cave, Toby Walsh, Alan Blackwell, Sean Holden, Lucy Cheke, Stephen Layton.

Gary Walkow is an American filmmaker based in Cambridge. He has made ten feature films, including the Grand Prize Winner at the Sundance Film Festival.

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The Winstanley Lecture Theatre is a fully-equipped audio-visual theatre, with seating for up to 150 people.


To reach it, turn into Whewell's Court from Trinity Street. Turn right immediately after the first arch and climb the stone stairs. At the top of the stairs, follow the path round the ziggurat-like Wolfson building, leaving it to your left. Then turn right into Blue Boar Court. The Winstanley Lecture Theatre is on the east side of the Court.