Quantum Light From Atomically Thin Materials


Save the date for our next Trinity Research Talk, to be given by Dr Hannah Stern (e2017) on Thursday, 3 December at 1pm.

hBN Defect CartoonOriginally from New Zealand, Dr Hannah Stern now works at the Cavendish Laboratory, within the Quantum Optics group headed by Mete Atature. Although a chemist by undergraduate training, her interests really lie within the borders of physics and chemistry – she works on how materials interact with light. Hannah’s PhD, under Richard Friend in the Cavendish, focused on ultrafast processes in molecules that can help boost solar cell efficiencies.

During her Junior Research Fellowship, Hannah has shifted focus to work on localised excitations in wide bandgap materials that are of interest for quantum applications that require single photons. In this talk she will introduce how material science discoveries have been central to our development through the ages, and how a new 2D material revolution could be emerging.


This event will be recorded